Shanahan's approach to No. 3 pick discussed by Rams' McVay

Sean McVay greets Kyle Shanahan

The Los Angeles Rams shook up the NFL with their blockbuster trade to acquire quarterback Matthew Stafford, which was first reported on Jan. 30.

Then the 49ers claimed the spotlight by trading up to the No. 3 position in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

So, what does Sean McVay think of his friend and NFC West rival Kyle Shanahan? He joined the Rich Eisen Podcast recently (H/T 49ers Webzone) to share his thoughts on the 49ers taking such a big risk.

"I do think that everything was done with a plan in mind, while also knowing that I'm sure they're really kind of really ironing it out to make sure," McVay told Eisen. "But I have a tough time, knowing how intentional Kyle is about everything, and [general manager] John [Lynch], and those guys in San Francisco, that they didn't feel good, no matter what the scenario is about either one or two guys -- or a few -- that would be available at that third pick when you give that much up to go up."

McVay and Shanahan are two of the game’s brightest young minds and have developed a friendship over the years. The Rams looked like they even lifted some plays from the 49ers’ playbook last season.

While everyone is trying to make sense of the 49ers' front office and who’s showing up at whose pro day, McVay is assured that Shanahan is taking a measured approach to the franchise-defining decision that looms.


"I do know this, and this is what you always respect about Kyle, and when I worked for Mike [Shanahan], they're going to do their work, they're going to be convicted in their beliefs," McVay said. "There's a security that exists where they trust the expertise and their due diligence. I know Kyle's going to be studying the heck out of these guys that are possibilities."

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The 49ers and Rams will face each other twice a year, so McVay definitely is interested in knowing which quarterback San Francisco drafts.

Knowing McVay’s work ethic, it wouldn’t be surprising if his staff started scouting the 49ers’ draft pick once it’s announced at No. 3 on April 29. 

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