Shanahan addresses 49ers' Lynch-Jimmy G 'Like' controversy


Kyle Shanahan does not feel the controversy over 49ers general manager John Lynch accidentally "liking" a tweet disparaging quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo needs to be addressed as a team, the head coach told reporters Monday.

"I don't know if he did, but no, I don't think that has to. I think everyone in this building knows John pretty well," Shanahan said Monday. "And as soon as you read a tweet like that, I don't think one person who knows John thinks that he did that. They're wondering how he messed that up.

"That’s why I don't have things like that. I would probably do the same on accident.”

Lynch got 49ers Twitter fired up after Thursday's loss to the Tennessee Titans, as his official account put a "Like" on a Tweet saying the team should leave Garoppolo in Nashville on Friday.

Lynch un-liked the tweet Friday evening and sent out another message explaining he "accidentally and unknowingly" did so and said he still is a "big believer in Jimmy."

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Garoppolo completed 26 of 35 passes for 322 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in the 20-17 loss at Nissan Stadium.

Shanahan told reporters on Monday that Garoppolo suffered a right thumb sprain on a sack in Thursday night's game. Garoppolo reportedly suffered a torn ligament and fracture in that right thumb, per multiple national reporters citing league sources.


Publicly, Shanahan and Lynch have been nothing but supportive of Garoppolo, even as many fans repeatedly have called for rookie and No. 3 overall draft pick Trey Lance to get a chance to start.

It seems highly unlikely Lynch would have intentionally "liked" such a negative tweet about Garoppolo, knowing that someone eventually would notice.

Whatever the case might be, Garoppolo's status for the 49ers' Week 17 game against the Houston Texans remains up in the air, and we likely will see Lance under center if that right thumb prohibits Jimmy G from taking the field.

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