Shanahan calls fake crowd noise a 'form of human torture'


Kyle Shanahan is not a fan of the fake crowd noise at Levi's Stadium. But he's going to have to get used to it. 

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, fans will not be allowed inside Levi's Stadium this Sunday for the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals. To get his squad ready for the odd environment, Shanahan had the 49ers practice inside the stadium this past week and began cranking fake crowd noise over the speakers. And yeah, he clearly didn't like the first attempt

"Oh my god ... that really is a form of human torture," Shanahan said about the fake crowd noise on the season finale of "Brick by Brick." 

General manager John Lynch also wasn't a fan. 

"It's terrible," Lynch said. "And it starts, and it doesn't stop too." 

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Luckily for Shanahan and Co. the players didn't seem to mind it. When he said he was going to use the noise for the rest of the week, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo didn't have any issues with that decision.

"That's not bad how it was," Garoppolo said. 

"It wasn't for you guys?" Shanahan asked." 

"Not at all," Garoppolo responded. But Shanahan couldn't understand that. 

"It's just a form of human torture for me," Shanahan said to his QB.

In the end, it just matters if Garoppolo and the rest of the players can adapt to what for sure will feel weird at times this season.