Shanahan jokingly blames 49ers' loss on son, not hat change


It's all about the details.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan didn't wear his signature red hat during Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals at Levi's Stadium, the unique hat that became synonymous with his Sunday fit during the 2019 season. When he was asked on KNBR during an appearance on "Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks" about the absence of his headwear being a potential reason for the 49ers' defeat, Shanahan instead identified a much more benign reason.

"No, I definitely didn't," Shanahan quipped (h/t 49ersWebZone). "I didn't think about my hat. I had a feeling someone was going to blame it on the hat.

"I actually blame my son a little bit more, just messing with him. He always gives me good-luck charms. He gave me one last year at the first game of the year, like a mini little skateboard and a little army soldier, so I always kept it in my pocket last year. And we went 8-0 with it so I just kept it going.

"This year, he brought me a pen from the Marriott that he got that morning, and tried to act like this was the new good-luck charm, and I for sure knew that he forgot it, and just tried to play it off with a pen that he saw. And I was kind of annoyed because if we win this game, I'm not carrying a pen in my pocket all year."

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All kidding aside, could last season's breakout season be attributed to a pair of trinkets? Maybe not, but Shanahan finished by joking that he hopes his son Carter also steps it up this week when the 49ers visit New York to take on the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

"So, he's going to try harder this week and get me a lucky charm. I hope he doesn't just wing it and give it to me, and puts some thought into it."

49ers fans worldwide will be holding their breath.