SANTA CLARA — The day after former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was claimed by Washington, coach Kyle Shanahan said it was a little unexpected. 

“I was a little surprised,” Shanahan said. “I mean, not the team in particular, but that someone did. But someone did, and I saw it just like you guys did.” 

Shanahan has ties with Foster’s new home having been the offensive coordinator for the organization from 2010-2013. 

The 49ers took a chance on drafting Foster but ultimately it didn’t work out after several bad decisions by the linebacker forced the team’s hand. 

While the situation was challenging for the team, Shanahan doesn’t believe that it was detrimental to the locker room. 

“You could ask them,” Shanahan said. “I think that some, the team is made up of a bunch of people, so it’s got to be a lot of people feeling that way for me to personally feel it. I’m sure it’s affecting a few guys like that but I haven’t felt a difference in our team meetings being around the guys. 

“I know it was tough for the guys and I know I’m disappointed in it but we will see how this plays out. But no, I haven’t felt that.”

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Several players mentioned that they were not surprised that Foster was claimed quickly, citing that he is a great teammate and player. They expressed that they were disappointed by his departure from the team but also understood why the decision was made. 

Rookie linebacker Fred Warner was happy that Foster was claimed. 

"I'm super happy for him,” Warner said. “Obviously, I love Reuben the person. A lot of people talk about him as a player. I'm one of those guys who got to be with him in the room and off the field a lot. I know what he was accused of is very serious. At this point, he's not here any more, but I'm happy for him.”

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Safety Jaquiski Tartt was not surprised that Foster was claimed quickly. 

“Not at all,” Tartt said. “He’s a great football player. He’s my brother. I love him. Wish him the best. I feel like any person, anybody, deserves a second chance in life if they mess up.” 

Tartt also understands why the team had to act swiftly. 

“They set out team rules,” Tartt said, “and he violated team rules so there was nothing anyone could do. He shouldn’t have broken them.” 

The 49ers will move forward with Malcolm Smith, Elijah Lee and Mark Nzeocha rotating next to Warner as they prepare for Sunday’s matchup with the Seahawks.