Shanahan not worried about 'nerdy' 49ers before Titans game


Sunday night after the 49ers' 31-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons, Kyle Shanahan imposed a no celebration protocol

With the short week preparing for their Thursday night matchup against the Tennessee Titans, the head coach wanted to make sure his players have the best chance possible. That means more sleep. 

“My experience, what I’ve been told is the best thing for recovery is sleep,” Shanahan said on a conference call Monday. “That is why we pushed back all the schedules later so they can sleep in more. That’s what we really stress about all the time. 

“That is why I was so adamant yesterday how to handle it after the game.”

Shanahan explained that each day leading up to their trip east counts as two regular game week days in regards to preparation. Shanahan believes no distractions and attempting to start the short week with their best foot forward is a necessity. 

When asked if he knew if his players followed his instructions, Shanahan shared he had not yet confirmed but has reason to believe they did. 

“I do not know yet, but I feel pretty confident they did,” Shanahan said. “They played pretty hard. They don’t have a ton of energy after a games. I feel like we got kind of a nerdy group when it comes to after games.


"They make up for it in the offseason though.” 

Shanahan would prefer to have immediately traveled to Nashville early this week in order to set up shop, get acclimated and be able to completely focus on the task at hand. The 49ers have played well when on the road longer prior to games as they did at the Greenbriar between Weeks 1 and 2.   

With the sacrifices that will happen in the 49ers' truncated week, there also are benefits and that is the three-day weekend that will follow. The 49ers' Week 6 bye likely seems like an eternity ago for the players and coaches. Throw in the fact that the days off coincide with the holiday season, and it will be worth the intensified work week. 

There is one caveat -- a win in Nashville. 

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“The thing that I’ve enjoyed the most that I think players and coaches do like, no matter all the negative parts trying to prepare for a game, it’s hard to get a weekend off in the NFL this time of year,” Shanahan said.  

“The reward for what you go through these next four days is having three days off, but it’s only fun if you win it.”

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