Kyle Shanahan surprised 49ers assistants were raided after 4-12 season


Kyle Shanahan surprised 49ers assistants were raided after 4-12 season

ATLANTA – Coach Kyle Shanahan was not expecting to account for so many coaching departures after a season in which the 49ers fell far below expectations.

Shanahan said Friday at the Super Bowl that he expects to have his complete coaching staff finalized next week after a number of his assistants moved on for better positions on other staffs.

“It was a little unexpected,” Shanahan said during an appearance on KNBR. “I didn’t think our staff was going to get raided after a 4-12 year, so that caught me off a little bit

“A lot of guys tried to take a bunch of guys on the staff, and it was well-deserved. Some guys got to move on, and I had to keep some guys here. But I had to deal with that for a lot of January, but I think in the long run, we’re going to end up being better off.”

Shanahan confirmed an NBC Sports Bay Area report from this week that the club will hire Shane Day to replace Rich Scangarello as quarterbacks coach. New Denver Broncos coach Vic Fangio hired Scangarello to be his offensive coordinator. The Broncos also hired T.C. McCartney, formerly a 49ers quality control coach, to be their quarterbacks coach.

Day, 44, has worked 10 NFL seasons, including his first three offensive quality control coach with the 49ers from 2007 to 2009 under Mike Nolan. He worked with quarterbacks, running backs and offensive line during his time seasons with the 49ers. Day has served under Mike Martz and, the past three seasons, as tight ends coach with the Miami Dolphins under Adam Gase.

Shanahan said he put Day through a long interview in Mobile, Alabama, during the week of the Senior Bowl. Day will spend a lot of time learning the 49ers' offense before the club reports back for the offseason program in mid-April.

“He has a lot of knowledge about the quarterback game,” Shanahan said. “I’m going to sit him down here over the next couple of months and I’m really going to teach him our system, what we like to do and the way we like to do it.

“He’s a very smart guy and he’s capable of soaking in a lot of information, and he’s going to have a lot of his own ideas to bring to the table. We’re going to put him in a crash course of learning here over the next couple of months. And when the players get in and we’re allowed to talk to them, he’ll be allowed to take over right where Rich left off.”

The 49ers this offseason also lost defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley (co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State) and assistant offensive line coach Adam Stenavich (Green Bay offensive line coach). The 49ers hired Joe Woods as passing game coordinator/defensive backs, and fired defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina to bring aboard well-respected line coach Kris Kocurek.

The 49ers denied permission for passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur (Green Bay and Minnesota) and run game coordinator Mike McDaniel (Arizona) to interview for offensive coordinator positions -- spots that Shanahan deemed as lateral moves.

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In another 49ers staff development, assistant strength and conditioning coach Shane Wallen this week accepted a position as a strength and conditioning coach with the Chicago Cubs. Wallen was instrumental in raising awareness and funds for victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, where he grew up. Wallen’s father’s home was destroyed in the fire, which displaced thousands of people in the community.

In a message posted on social media, Wallen thanked the 49ers, general manager John Lynch and Shanahan “for affording me the opportunity to come back home and coach for the team I grew up watching, for supporting my hometown through such a devastating time.”

Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid resolve pending grievances against NFL


Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid resolve pending grievances against NFL

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid have settled their collusion grievances against the National Football League with a confidential settlement, lawyers representing both men and the NFL announced Friday in a joint statement.

“For the past several months, counsel for Mr. Kaepernick and Mr. Reid have engaged in an ongoing dialogue with representatives of the NFL," the statement read. "As a result of those discussions, the parties have decided to resolve the pending grievances. The resolution of this matter is subject to a confidentiality agreement so there will be no further comment by any party.”

Kaepernick, 31, has remained out of the NFL since the end of the 2016 season. He played six seasons with the 49ers and became the center of a nationwide controversy with his decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem as a protest against racial inequality during the 2016 season.

Reid, 27, joined Kaepernick in the protest, which began during the exhibition season in 2016. Reid continued his protest in 2017 with the 49ers and last season with the Carolina Panthers. Reid is a six-year NFL veteran who played his first five seasons with the 49ers.

While Kaepernick has not played in the NFL the past two seasons, Reid experienced a slow free-agent market last offseason before finally signing with the Panthers in late September. Reid appeared in 13 games for the Panthers and last week signed a three-year extension worth more than $21 million.

The NFL Players Association released the following statement:

"Today, we were informed by the NFL of the settlement of the Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid collusion cases. We are not privy to the details of the settlement, but support the decision by the players and their counsel. We continuously supported Colin and Eric from the start of their protests, participated with their lawyers throughout their legal proceedings and were prepared to participate in the upcoming trial in pursuit of both truth and justice for what we believe the NFL and its clubs did to them. We are glad that Eric has earned a job and a new contract, and we continue to hope that Colin gets his opportunity as well."

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In August, an arbitrator denied the NFL’s request to throw out the claims that owners conspired to keep Kaepernick out of the league because of his protests. The grievance was scheduled to be heard this month.

In November 2017, attorney Mark Geragos, representing Kaepernick, notified the NFL they were seeking electronic communications, including text messages and emails, of personnel from NFL teams that were linked to Kaepernick.

AAF has interest in signing Colin Kaepernick, just like the NFL should


AAF has interest in signing Colin Kaepernick, just like the NFL should

We don't know when or if Colin Kaepernick will ever play football again.

We do know, however, that even if the NFL isn't interested in his services, someone else is.

According to Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk, the Alliance of American Football recently reached out to Kaepernick to gauge his interest in playing in the new football league.

Per Williams' report, AAF co-founder Bill Polian told The Athletic that CEO Charlie Ebersol was the one to reach out to Kaepernick.

"I don’t know what transpired, but he’s obviously not playing," Polian said.

The AAF is in its debut season, but one of the early critiques of the league is its lack of quality quarterbacks. In addition to Kaepernick, the AAF reportedly also reached out to former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who declined.

After news of the AAF's contact with Kaepernick broke, Barry Wilner of the Associated Press subsequently reported that Kaepernick's reasoning for declining to join the AAF was financially motivated.

According to Wilner's report, a person with knowledge of the conversation told the Associated Press that Kaepernick, "wanted $20 million or more to consider playing with the league that had its debut last weekend." That person spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Not to question anyone's credibility, but that $20 million number is awfully hard to believe, for several reasons.

For one, it's a number that would dwarf all other salaries in the league. AAF players sign three-year contracts worth a total of $250,000.

Additionally, there is nothing in Kaepernick's past that would support the notion that he's in it for the money. Just think about all the money he's donated out of his own pockets to the numerous social causes that have undoubtedly played a major role in his shunning from the NFL.

And, finally, if the NFL was going to find a way to try to sully Kaepernick's character and land a punch in the arena of public opinion, wouldn't leaking a false claim such as that $20 million number make a lot of sense?

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The AAF wants Kaepernick, much like the NFL should.

But that $20 million number?

That doesn't make any sense.