Shanahan's frustration at 49ers practice audible at Levi's

Kyle Shanahan
Getty Images

SANTA CLARA -- Without fans and music during the 49ers practice in Levi’s Stadium, Kyle Shanahan’s frustration was audible by the media in attendance. 

It’s normally not something that people other than players and coaches hear but echoing through the empty stadium on Friday was Shanahan’s voice, filled with disdain. 

After the opening drive of practice, the first team offense failed to put together a productive drive of more than a handful of plays. The most consistent part of the session was the appearance of the punt unit jogging on to the field after the offense failed to convert.

The head coach is unapologetically a perfectionist citing that he gets mad when every play doesn’t work. He is thankful that most of the players have now gotten used to his tactics. 

“There’s really never a practice I’m not frustrated out there,” Shanahan said. “Probably the same way I look at games most of the time too. The way I focus is I kind of get irritated at everything.” 

The trouble with the 49ers having a top tier defense is that Shanahan’s offense must face them in practice every day. While it provides an excellent challenge and great preparation for the team, it doesn’t lower the head coach’s heart rate. 

Jimmy Garoppolo, who is a prime focus of Shanahan’s demands wouldn’t want it any other way. He enjoys the honestly and criticism which will make him better on game day. 


“That’s what you want in your coach,” Garoppolo said. “When your coach is like that, it trickles down to the other players, me specifically. It’s kind of how I am. I think we match up well in that department.” 

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“That’s part of football, you want to be coached hard. When a coach starts ignoring you, that’s when you’re in trouble. I love having Kyle as a coach. He pushes me, he demands perfection and that’s what you want.” 

As far as Friday’s practice goes, Shanahan says his level of angst was normal. As always, there was some good and some bad.