SANTA CLARA – The 49ers are one of just six teams eligible to be the featured team on “Hard Knocks” during training camp.

The NFL has never had to force a team to participate. And that is what they would have to do with the 49ers. The team has informed the league they do not want to participate on the behind-the-scenes show that appears every summer on HBO.

General manager John Lynch on Tuesday said he likes to watch the show but does not like the idea of his team taking part in the series.

“It’s not something we would be really excited about,” Lynch said. “I love the show, but I think some thing are best left behind closed doors. I fundamentally have a problem with cutting players and things of that nature (on camera). It’s not something we’d be thrilled about.”

Denver, Cleveland, the Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore and Washington are other teams that are non-exempt from the series, but any other team can volunteer to participate.