Jones wants to prove to 49ers, NFL that he isn't 'statue'

/ by Matt Maiocco
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Alabama quarterback Mac Jones wanted to show he is fully capable of using his feet to get from one place to another.

Therefore, his script Tuesday for his second pro day consisted of more movement plays.

Coach Kyle Shanahan, general manager John Lynch and area scout Steve Rubio represented the 49ers as most eyes were on Jones, who widely is considered one of the top five quarterback prospects in this year’s draft.

While Justin Fields of Ohio State was showing his electrifying physical skills during his pro day, Jones kept his goals modest. He wanted to show the NFL personnel in attendance that he does not have gum stuck to the bottoms of his shoes.

Jones’ throwing session included bootlegs, rollouts and change-of-direction footwork.

“I just wanted to show that I do that all the time in practice, and in the game, I just play within the framework of the offense, so I’m not going to roll out unless I have to,” Jones said in an interview with the NFL Network following his pro day.

“But I wanted to show that I’m not a statue and I can make plays and I’ll be able to do that at the next level.”

Jones threw for 4,500 yards and 41 touchdowns in 13 games. His rushing stats were considerably less prolific, as he accounted for just 14 net yards (sacks in college count against a quarterback’s rushing total).

Jones wants to show that the nimble feet that make him a good tennis player also enable him to step up or slide one way or another in the pocket.


“And obviously it’s not going to be a clean pocket with five perfect blockers,” he said, “so I’m going to have to move a little bit. But you also don’t want to ruin the structure of the play.”

While Fields and Trey Lance of North Dakota State are dual-threat quarterbacks who can make big plays as passers and runners, there is no mistaking what Jones is all about.

“At the end of the day, I’m a pocket passer, and I’m going to drop back and let it rip,” he said.

Shanahan rarely attends pro days, but he made an exception for Jones after the 49ers traded up with the Miami Dolphins for the No. 3 overall pick. Jones, Fields and Lance are the candidates to be chosen at No. 3 overall behind the presumptive top-two picks: Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson.

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Jones said he would love to get an opportunity to play for “a great franchise like that.”

“In watching them obviously throughout the years and coach Shanahan, what he does on offense is awesome,” Jones said. “He’s like a mastermind. We have similar concepts here. I know he loves wide zone and stuff like that, but just to see him out here was awesome.

“I’m really happy they came. The trade is the trade, and hopefully I impressed them.”

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