Madden 21 leak reveals top-10 rated 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo not listed

Madden 21 leak reveals top-10 rated 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo not listed

Like anything else on the internet, Madden NFL 21 rankings have been leaked and 49ers fans should be happy. Well, at least for the most part. 

The 49ers are one of only 11 teams with three or more players with ratings of at least 90 overall, according to Madden-School.com. They also are the only NFC West team to have that honor. 

Here are the 49ers' top 10 players in this year's version of Madden. You'll notice there's one big name missing. 

George Kittle: 98
Trent Williams: 92
Richard Sherman: 92
Nick Bosa: 89
Fred Warner: 87
Arik Armstead: 86
Kyle Juszczyk: 86
Dee Ford: 85
Mike McGlinchey: 85
Raheem Mostert: 84

That's right, Jimmy Garoppolo is not among the 49ers' top 10 players in the game. It already was revealed Garoppolo isn't among the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden, and now the same goes for the 49ers as a whole. Even fullback Kyle Juszczyk and running back Raheem Mostert are ahead of Jimmy G. 

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It appears Garoppolo is on the outside looking in with an 83 overall ranking. 

To no surprise, Kittle is the 49ers' highest-ranked player but fans still might not be happy with his 98. How didn't he receive a 99 ranking? Only Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald and Stephon Gilmore joined this club this year.

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All Nick Bosa needed was one season to nearly receive a 90 ranking. He's right on the cusp at 89 overall, and already is seen as the NFC champion's fourth-best player. Bosa made his mark as the Defensive Rookie of the Year and is primed for stardom. 

It also should be noted the 49ers replaced Joe Staley with a left tackle who didn't play a single snap last year and still is ranked 92 overall. Garoppolo isn't even seen as a top 10 player on his own team, but he'd much rather have a star like Trent Williams protecting his blind side than a high video game ranking. 

In the grand scheme of everything, Madden rankings mean absolutely nothing. Zip, zilch. But this is just another example of the 49ers talented roster looking to make another Super Bowl run.

Joey Bosa predicts 49ers, brother Nick, beat record-setting contract

Joey Bosa predicts 49ers, brother Nick, beat record-setting contract

The Los Angeles Chargers backed up the Brinks truck to keep defensive end Joey Bosa in Southern California last week when they agreed to a five-year, $135 million extension with $102 million guaranteed.

That contract made Bosa the NFL's highest-paid defender, surpassing Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett. The highest-paid player tag usually only lasts until the next star defender signs his contract. Bosa is going to relish his status but thinks the 49ers will have to break it to keep his younger brother, Nick, in the fold.

"It will probably be a short-lived record," Bosa said Monday on a conference call with Chargers reporters, via ESPN. "Which is great because I'm happy to just set the bar and maybe my brother in a few years will surpass me, I'm sure of that."

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There's no doubt Nick Bosa will be paid handsomely when the time for a new contract extension comes.

The 2019 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year was an absolute force last season for the 49ers, recording nine sacks and 18 QB hits and 52 quarterback pressures.

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The NFL pattern dictates that Nick will reset the market when his time comes, topping his brother and any other premium defensive players who have since broken the bank.

The 49ers have a perilous cap situation to navigate over the next few years if they plan to keep their loaded roster intact. They currently are trying to negotiate a long-term extension for tight end George Kittle, but the talks appear to have hit a snag as the two sides try to determine how Kittle, who is one of the top pass-catching weapons in the NFL, should be compensated.

General manager John Lynch will have to pull off some cap gymnastics over the next couple of seasons to keep the band mainly together. Something he is confident he can do.

"Is it going to be a challenge? Absolutely," Lynch told 49ers reporters Monday when asked about the 49ers and their cap situation heading forward in the COVID-19 era. "For us, I think the biggest challenges -- we were set up with a really good roster, but we had set it up such that we really felt it was sustainable. I think it's still sustainable. We're going to have to get creative, though, and we've got to figure some things out."

After Kittle is taken care of the 49ers will turn their attention to retaining left tackle Trent Williams after this season, and then extending Nick Bosa, who they plan to anchor their defense for years to come.

Kyle Shanahan sees Jordan Reed as big 49ers contributor, if healthy

Kyle Shanahan sees Jordan Reed as big 49ers contributor, if healthy

Veteran tight end Jordan Reed seemingly is taking a huge risk with designs on a return to football after sustaining a seventh documented concussion a year ago.

But it is a risk that could pay off big for Reed and the 49ers this season, his first NFL coach said on Monday.

Kyle Shanahan was in his final season as Washington’s offensive coordinator during Reed’s first season after entering the league as a second-round draft pick. Now, Shanahan and Reed are back together after Reed agreed to a one-year contract on Monday.

“I know he hasn’t been on the field for a little bit. I know he’s very hungry to get back out there,” Shanahan said.

“When you have a talented guy who’s hungry to play football, it works out if they can stay healthy. And Jordan has had some bad luck over the years. I know he’s ready to go. I hope he has some good luck here. And if he does, I think it’s going to be a hell of a deal for the Niners and a really good deal for him, also.”

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Reed, 30, has appeared in just 65 games over the past seven seasons with Washington. He has 329 career receptions for 3,371 yards and 24 touchdowns. His best season came in 2015, when he saw action in 14 games and caught 87 passes for 952 yards and 11 touchdowns.

He did not play last season after sustaining a concussion in a preseason game. The Washington Football Team released him in February.

“Everyone is aware of Jordan’s ability,” Shanahan said. “When he’s been healthy, he’s played at an extremely high level. And he’s been one of the first third-down tight ends in the league when he’s been healthy.”

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Shanahan said he typically likes to bring six tight ends to training camp. It was a little more difficult this summer because teams have to trim to 80 players instead of the usual 90-man limits. But the 49ers found a way to add Reed, who figures to join a competition to become George Kittle’s backup.

Reed will compete with Ross Dwelley, Daniel Helm and sixth-round draft pick Charlie Woerner for the backup job.

“It's well-documented that he’s had multiple concussions prior,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said. “So in situations like this, there’s a reason that a guy like Jordan Reed is out there, right? There is some risk-reward. We got to a point where we felt the risk that we’re taking on was worth it with the potential reward.”