It’s the 49ers’ bye week, but it’s another active weekend for 49ers Mailbag.

Here are the questions chosen from the inquiries submitted on our Facebook page:

Do you think the 49ers trade Kap to the Lions for Matthew Stafford? (Conrad Williams)
Stafford is more of a stereotypical drop-back passer, so I can see a lot of teams feeling as if they could plug him into their systems. Colin Kaepernick should have plenty of options, too, but the list of interested teams might be more narrow due to his style of play.

Obviously, there’s a lot of uncertainty with the Detroit Lions' front office and management. At this point, there are no indications of what changes the 49ers might have in store, too.

But this particular trade does not seem realistic because of the amount of money both players are due for next season – and beyond. (In a trade, the team that receives the player also assumes his current contract.)

If the teams were looking to trade their quarterbacks, that would mean the Lions do not see Stafford as being worth his $17 million salary for next season and the 49ers would have determined they do not want Kaepernick back at his $14.3 million price tag.

So, then, why would the 49ers want to pay Stafford $17 million? And why would the Lions want to pay Kaepernick $14.3 million?

Not only that, but the Lions would also have to account for the $11 million in dead money on their salary cap from Stafford’s signing bonus, and the 49ers would have $7.397 million in dead money for Kaepernick.


So aside from football reasons, there are contract reasons why this deal is highly unlikely to enter the talking stage.

What direction do you see the 49ers going in the future with the O-line? (Curtis Lee)
Joe Staley will be the left tackle through the 2019 season. Daniel Kilgore is the best bet at center through 2017. After that, there will be a lot of players looking to find homes at the other three spots.

If Anthony Davis decides to attempt a comeback, the 49ers will control his contract rights for another five seasons. They could opt to trade him. If they keep him, he’d likely compete with Trent Brown at right tackle. He could also end up at right guard.

Veteran Erik Pears, whom the 49ers originally signed to be a guard, is signed through next season. He’s probably best-suited as a backup who can play the four guard and tackle spots.

Young players Marcus Martin, Brandon Thomas, Andrew Tiller, Jordan Devey and Ian Silberman are signed beyond this season and could be among those under consideration at guard.

Alex Boone is scheduled for unrestricted free agency at the end of the season. Typically, once a 49ers player hits the open market, he’s not coming back.

The 49ers draft offensive linemen every year, and that trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Matt, who do you believe is the leading candidate for the 49ers coaching job? (Ricardo R Gamboa)
You’re assuming that Jim Tomsula is out as head coach after this season. I’m not ready to assume Tomsula will not be back next season.

So, anyway, I interpret your question as, “Whenever that time comes, who will succeed Tomsula as 49ers head coach?” This is an easy one for me to answer: I have no idea. (Hey, at least I'm being 100-percent honest.)

Will we ever see more of Jarred Hayne? (Lupe Daville)
It’s pretty clear the 49ers do not believe Hayne has the requisite grasp of the sport to feel confident in him. The 49ers released Hayne two weeks ago, and no team claimed him. He remains on the practice squad, and available for any team to sign at any time.

When the 49ers lost their top three running backs – Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush and Mike Davis – the team signed Shaun Draughn and Pierre Thomas to join Kendall Gaskins, whom the 49ers promoted from the practice squad, to take Hayne’s spot on the 53-man roster. Thomas was cut last week, and the 49ers signed Travaris Cadet.

So that appears to be a good indication where Hayne currently stands with the 49ers. Hayne simply does not have the experience and knowledge of those players who have participated in the sport from early ages.

It seems doubtful Hayne will find his way back on the 53-man roster this season. If he sticks with it and re-signs with the 49ers for next year, he’ll have an opportunity to continue to learn the sport in the offseason and make another bid for a spot on the 53-man roster next season.