Schlereth believes Jimmy G has 'spectacular' arm talent

Jimmy Garoppolo

At this point, pretty much everybody has chosen a side in the Jimmy Garoppolo debate. 

Fox Sports' Mark Schlereth chose his side and has a very favorable view of the 49ers' starting quarterback. 

Joining 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" this week, Schlereth -- a former NFL offensive lineman -- raved about Garoppolo's arm talent. 

"Jimmy Garoppolo has spectacular arm talent," Schlereth said on air. "And I mean spectacular. One thing I love about him is that he doesn't care how you win. He doesn't care if you go into the NFC Championship and throw it eight times."

'Spectacular arm talent' are not words you often hear associated with Garoppolo. On the surface, you might hear that and immediately think of arm strength and deep passing ability, which Garoppolo isn't exactly known for. 

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A quarterback who has "spectacular" arm talent, as Schlereth describes Garoppolo, does more than throw a nice deep ball. Arm talent as a trait does indeed consist of arm strength, but it's more than that. It consists of a quarterback's ability to make different kinds of throws in different situations and from different locations and arm slots. A quarterback with exceptional arm talent has control over their passes; they can rocket a throw over to a receiver or carefully lob a pass with finesse and touch. 

Does Garoppolo have the greatest deep ball? Not exactly. Is he able to make all the necessary throws all over the field? Schlereth certainly believes so. 


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