Marshawn Lynch was a man of few words at his introductory press conference upon rejoining the Seattle Seahawks, and on "Sunday Night Football" against the 49ers, he's letting his cleats do the talking.

A few days before officially rejoining his former team, Lynch stated that one of his main motivations for doing so was because, "We got history here. And we've got unfinished business."

What that unfinished business refers to is anyone's guess, but maybe -- just maybe -- it has something to do with him not getting the ball with a Super Bowl victory on the line. Maybe.

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Regardless, it would appear that message has been carried into the highly-anticipated winner-take-all game between the 49ers and Seahawks for the NFC West title.

If he has the kind of game that Seattle is hoping for, you can be sure Lynch will be saying plenty on the field.