INDIANAPOLIS — Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur did not intend on trying to take away one of Kyle Shanahan’s top assistant coaches.

And, ultimately, Shanahan did not let him.

LaFleur contacted the 49ers about hiring his younger brother, Mike LaFleur, to become Packers offensive coordinator.

When asked Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine how that conversation went with Shanahan, LaFleur answered, “Obviously, it didn’t go very well.”

The 49ers denied permission for LaFleur to hire his brother, who remained under contract with the 49ers. Mike LaFleur is the 49ers passing game coordinator.

LaFleur said hiring his brother was not part of his plan when he interviewed with the Packers — and was announced as the team’s surprise hire.

“It really wasn’t something I anticipated leading up to the interview because I didn’t know how the Packers would take it,” LaFleur said “I got a lot of respect for my brother and I know he does a great job and I think that’s the reason they didn’t want to let him out of San Francisco.

“I think in the end it’s probably going to work out for the better for both of us.”

LaFleur said he believes Shanahan struggled with denying the brothers an opportunity to work with each other — for now.

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“He’s done a lot for myself and my brother throughout our careers. Certainly, I know that kind of tugged on his heartstrings a little bit,” LaFleur said

“He (Shanahan) had the opportunity to coach with his with his father in Washington for the four years we were together I know it wasn’t easy on him (to deny permission).”