Irvin calls Rice the greatest receiver ever, slams Moss


Sports are made for ridiculous debates, we get that. When it came to the greatest receiver of all time, however, it always seemed there was only one answer: Jerry Rice. 

Well, until Randy Moss recently decided to embarrass himself. The Hall of Fame receiver claimed that not only is he himself the best to ever play the position, but Rice might be No. 3 or 4 on the list. 

Michael Irvin, who also is a Hall of Fame receiver, went off Wednesday for Moss' absurd comments. 

"Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time," Irvin said on 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto and Kolsky" show. "If anybody says anything other than that, they need to see some kind of doctor to examine his cranium. Period."

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The 49ers legend not only has every accolade one could take home, but he also was a three-time Super Bowl champion and was named the 1988 Super Bowl MVP. Irvin called out Moss and modern analysis for throwing winning and longevity out of the way. Not to mention, Rice does have just about every record a receiver could own. 

Rice has the most career receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,895) and receiving touchdowns (197) ever. He led the NFL in receptions twice, receiving yards six times and receiving touchdowns six times. Not too shabby. 


Not only is Rice the greatest receiver to ever play the game, Irvin believes he might be the best player to ever step onto a football field.

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"You gotta pay homage to what this man has done. ... This shouldn't even be a discussion," Irvin said. "I got Jerry Rice up there with the greatest player ever, period. I don't wanna hear wide receiver. I'm talking about period, of all time.

"This discussion should not be a discussion."

Now, that doesn't mean players like Moss and Terrell Owens weren't great receivers in their own right. They were. They just aren't on Rice's level.

"Those guys were great players, and they had fabulous careers," Irvin said. "But they were not Jerry Rice. That's just the reality."