McGlinchey gives thoughts on Lance, Jimmy G QB competition


The 49ers have a QB of the future, which will lead to a competition at the position with the player whom he is set to eventually replace. 

In the meantime, fans, and even members of the 49ers organization are still processing the teams' trade for pick No. 3 which led to the selection of Lance

49ers right tackle Mike McGlinchey joined the Papa & Lund Show Tuesday on KNBR to discuss the 49ers draft, and how the Lance pick will affect the team with Garoppolo under center. 

McGlinchey was asked about the teams' initial reaction to the trade at the end of March, and surprisingly enough, some players were rather indifferent about the news. 

“Well honestly, we didn’t really talk too much about it," McGlinchey said. "I know my teammates and I alerted each other of the news, but there wasn’t any opinions shared. We know that the guys we have in charge always do the right thing for this football team."

Right now the 49ers have a veteran QB who is a proven winner when healthy, and McGlinchey believes that will give the team a chance to write their wrongs from February of 2019. 

"Jimmy is a guy who has proven that he can take our team to the promised land. We were six minutes away from getting that done, and as long as he is healthy and on the field, he is a high, high-quality football player. I think with him on our team, they are comfortable picking a guy like Trey who has unbelievable upside. But he’s also a 20-year old kid that has only played a little bit of college football, a season and a half of college football."


49ers players are in an interesting situation right now. Of course, they want to support their current starting QB, but they also want to support the player who is expected to lead the team in the future. McGlinchey is in support of both Garoppolo and Lance. 

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"I think all this hoopla was blown out of proportion for the last four months about what’s going on with Jimmy Garoppolo, nothing is going on with Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s going to be here, he’s our quarterback and our head coach and general manager are very comfortable with that, and I think Kyle clarified that after the draft with all the emotion of the press conferences over the past couple of weeks. Jimmy is our guy, and so is Trey. It’s a pick to solidify a competition in that room."

Garoppolo is here to stay (for now), and McGlinchey is not buying into any of the outside noise. 

"No matter how much the Bay Area and national media want to get him out of here, he’s still here and he’s still our guy and he’s going to fight his ass off for us and be that guy who can take our team to the next level.”

The conversation regarding who will be the 49ers starting QB will continue until the first snap of the season, and it'll only heat up from here. For now, though, we can look forward to an exciting battle between the 49ers present and future at the position.

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