July 17, 2020

Every player has their own brand of trash talk. Sometimes the best barbs come in unique packages.

Legendary 49ers quarterback Joe Montana's brand of trash talk was the kind that left Hall of Fame linebacker and former 49ers coach Mike Singletary fuming.

“He didn’t give you the pleasure of getting up and looking scared and moaning or anything like that,” Singletary told 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky." “The thing that Joe did, he got up and he said, ‘Hey man, that was a nice hit. Good hit. Wow. Yeah, that was good.’ Might wipe the blood from his nose and get back in the huddle the very next play and throw a touchdown."

Montana wasn't done after scoring, though. That's when Joe Cool would twist the knife in his own way.

"(Montana would) come up to you and pat you on the butt and say, ‘Hey man, good job. That really was a good hit though,' " Singletary said. "You just want to kill him at that point."

If you can get under the skin of a linebacker with Singletary's pedigree, then you know the trash talk is working.

The 49ers and Chicago Bears had a short but heated rivalry in the 1980s. The Bears constructed one of the best defenses in NFL history, winning Super Bowl XX. Meanwhile, Montana, Bill Walsh and the 49ers won four titles together and went 2-0 against the Bears in the playoffs, outscoring them 51-3.

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Perhaps next time Montana and Singletary run into each the legendary quarterback can make a quip about Singletary's not-so-successful Texas high school coaching career?

All right, that might be a bit too far.

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