We're one day away from the start of the 2020 NFL Draft, and there is still so much up in the air. The Cincinnati Bengals are widely expected to select quarterback Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, but after that, it could be a wild night.

To help NFL fans prepare for what to expect, NBC Sports hosted its "On the Clock" Mock Draft Special on Wednesday, in which insiders from around the country offered their best guesses for the teams they cover.

The 49ers currently hold the No. 13 and No. 31 overall selections in the first round of the draft, which will take place on Thursday. When it came time for NBC Sports' Matt Maiocco to make his selection for San Francisco at No. 13, receiver prospect CeeDee Lamb had just been taken off the board by the Raiders, leaving Maiocco with a tough choice between two other pass-catchers.

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Ultimately, he landed on Alabama's Henry Ruggs.

"They need a threat on the outside to help out Kyle Shanahan -- heck, to help out Jimmy Garoppolo -- and even though Jerry Jeudy is still on the board, I just kind of get the sense that the elite traits of Henry Ruggs will be too much for them to pass up," Maiocco said of the No. 13 pick. "This guy is absolutely a speed burner, but he's tough, too. He catches balls over the middle. 


"I think he helps everybody on the offense. He'll help the running game, which was second-ranked in the league last year. Helps out George Kittle working the middle of the field. I just think that this guy stresses a defense and he'll open things up for everybody else. So, Kyle Shanahan gets a nice toy to play with, Jimmy Garoppolo gets a deep threat and I think the 49ers feel pretty good about that situation."

Interestingly, Clemson defensive standout Isaiah Simmons was still available at the No. 13 pick, but clearly, Maiocco believes Ruggs would provide more value at that selection. Simmons ultimately was selected by the Denver Broncos with the No. 15 pick, with Houston offensive tackle Josh Jones going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at No. 14 overall.

49ers general manager John Lynch recently said they view "about six guys" as foundational players who, if they were available at No. 13 overall, San Francisco wouldn't hesitate to select, rather than trading back. 

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Is Ruggs one of those six?

We should find out in 24 hours.