NFL, 49ers analysts break down Jimmy G's miscues vs. Colts


Jimmy Garoppolo's struggles in the 49ers' Week 7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts had fans and pundits alike fired up, eagerly pushing for rookie Trey Lance to take over as the starter.

As often happens in the NFL, the Monday after a Sunday slate is chock full of reaction and opinions from experts breaking down film and crunching the numbers. In particular, 49ers Twitter has singled out a pair of plays from Garoppolo that left them frustrated.

There certainly is blame to be placed on Garoppolo here, as Brandon Aiyuk appeared to be coming out of his route completely uncovered and likely would have been able to cruise to the end zone for a touchdown.

As NFL Network's Brian Baldinger points out below, however, Ross Dwelley's futile attempt at a block on Al-Quadin Muhammad kept Garoppolo from having enough time to make this throw down the field.

Instead of an easy touchdown to Aiyuk, Garoppolo's completion to Deebo Samuel was negated by a clear holding penalty against Dwelley.

Based on the All-22 footage above, it looks Dwelley wasn't even sure which side of the formation to line up on. He shrugs and quickly sprints to the right side of the offense just before Garoppolo took the snap.

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Kyle Shanahan was asked about some of the misplays by the offense, and broke down what he saw on the miss to Aiyuk.

"That's first-and-15, call a rollout and we got [WR Brandon] Aiyuk going across the field completely uncovered, which I think would have been a 75-yard touchdown and we don't hold up on the block long enough and we get a holding call and it gets tipped and that stuff does happen, that’s part of football," Shanahan told reporters Monday. "But when that happens too much and you're sitting there with a loss, those are the plays you are going to be talking about."


Another play where Garoppolo missed a receiver downfield deserves much more criticism of the veteran quarterback. Mohamed Sanu was wide open down the field, but Garoppolo appeared to lock in on Samuel from the snap and ended up throwing an interception.

Regardless of what the fan base might be pushing for, Shanahan confirmed Monday that Garoppolo will remain the starter in Week 8 when the 49ers travel to Chicago to face the Bears.

If the quarterback has another dismal performance in the Windy City, however, perhaps the 49ers will look to make a change at the position.

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