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SANTA CLARA — The 49ers added to their stacked defensive line Thursday night by selecting Nick Bosa with the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Bosa has no worries about fitting into a unit of former first-rounders. In fact, he can’t wait. 

There now will be five first-round draft picks in the 49ers’ defensive line room. Along with Bosa, the 49ers have DeForest Buckner (7th pick, 2016), Solomon Thomas (3rd pick, 2017), Arik Armstead (17th pick, 2015) and Dee Ford (23rd pick, 2014).

Bosa believes San Francisco is a great place for him to land. 

“It’s definitely an amazing fit, and I’m excited to go to work,” Bosa said in a conference call after being selected. “Just the 4-3, pass-rushing, edge-setting defense. I mean, it’s exactly what I’ve been doing all my life. So, I think I’ll hop in and acclimate pretty quick.”  

Going into such a deep group of defensive linemen could, in theory, limit a rookie's snap count. But Bosa simply believes the group will be a force to be reckoned with next season. 

“It’s unbelievable just to be on a team that really shouldn’t have been this high in the draft with all the talent that they have,” Bosa said. “And then they add Dee Ford, which just makes this D-line pretty scary. It’s pretty impossible to double team any of us because then you’re single-teaming one of us, and it’s going to be fun.” 


49ers coach Kyle Shanahan believes Bosa is versatile with an obvious strength on the edge. 

“I see him as a three-down player,” Shanahan said. “I mean, he’s got to come in and do it, but he plays the run well. His best strength is rushing the passer, but he can play all three downs and he can play in all situations.” 

Shanahan also believes the addition of Bosa will allow the 49ers’ other defensive lineman to play where they are the most effective. 

"This makes it easier,” Shanahan said. “We’ve had some guys with versatility, but you always want to put guys in the spot that they were kind of born to do. We have guys like Armstead and Solly who can rush outside and are really good at playing the run outside, but they are the best at rushing the passer from the inside. Just like Buckner is.

"Now we got two guys in particular who excel in rushing from the edge. That’s Dee Ford, and that’s Bosa. It allows you to use the versatility better and put guys where truly they are at their best.”

Bosa believes it will be a seamless transition to the NFL, given what he learned about how the 49ers plan to use him while at his visit to the facility prior to the draft.   

“It was pretty clear to me on my visit how they are going to use me, and I think it’s very similar to what I did at Ohio State,” Bosa said. “A few different things, but I’ll just pick those things up quick, and it’ll be a quick transition.” 

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Bosa also is ready to begin sharing knowledge with the group, which will be expected to perform at a high level come September. 

“It’s going to be a high expectation for the group, but I’m just excited to get to work and get to learn from them and show them what I know and just get after it as a team,” Bosa said. “I’m glad to be on a team finally.”