NFL Draft Fashion Bracket: DeVonta Smith wins

DeVonta Smith, Deion Sanders outfits at the NFL Draft

Tonight, the most talented NFL prospects will walk across a stage to hug Roger Goodell and show off their distinguished draft-day looks.

Over the past few days, we put together 16 of the most memorable draft looks throughout the years. After four nail-biting rounds, DeVonta Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles was crowned as the NFL draft suit champion.

The No. 10 pick in last year’s draft faced off against Hall of Famer Deion Sanders in the final round and pulled off a 54% to 46% win.

Will any of tonight’s prospects have outfits that can match Smith’s velvet suit or Sanders’ impeccable bling? Will prospects dare to wear snazzy colors, like semifinalists Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson did in recent years? Tune in to the NFL Draft tonight to find out.



DeVonta Smith outfit at NFL Draft
DeVonta Smith


Deion Sanders outfit at NFL Draft
Deion Sanders
Kyler Murray outfit at NFL Draft
Kyler Murray
Lamar Jackson outfit at NFL Draft
Lamar Jackson