Quinnen Williams has remained humble throughout the NFL draft process. Perhaps it's because he used to be one of the unknowns.

Well, he was -- it's a different story now. The defensive lineman out of Alabama is a target for both the 49ers at No. 2 and the Raiders at No. 4 in the upcoming NFL draft.

His dominance and freak athletic ability put in "elite NFL draft prospect" status, but you wouldn't think that if you were to come across him. Even his taste in food is humbling.

The 49ers took him to IHOP -- yep, IHOP for a dinner meeting prior to the draft:

It makes sense. NBC Sports California's Scott Bair revealed Williams loves pancakes ... like, a lot. 

"Quinnen's grandmother told me he loves pancakes," Bair said. 

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We all have our thing. But imagine knowing you have a pretty endless amount of monetary freedom to choose dinner and you go with the International House of Pancakes.

Williams just became my new favorite player.

And at least we know he never has an issue with carb-loading.