NFL GM 'insisting" to Florio that Fields is 49ers' pick


Just one more day until the 49ers choose their next franchise QB. Weeks of debating, speculating, and dissecting every word Kyle Shanahan says will finally come to an end Thursday night. 

The prospect who has been linked to the 49ers the most, has been Alabama QB, Mac Jones. The odds-on-favorite to be selected at No. 3, Jones was linked to the 49ers just minutes after the team made the trade with the Dolphins. 

North Dakota State QB Trey Lance has become the second favorite pick amongst experts in recent days. One player who has not been tied to the 49ers as much as most originally thought is Ohio State QB Justin Fields. 

NBC's Mike Florio discussed the 49ers' three options at pick No. 3, where he revealed that Fields is still on the mind of one GM in the league. 

"Hey, I got a former GM insisting that it's Fields—insisting that it's Fields—which is stunning to me," Florio said.

"Shanahan believes Jones is the accurate coach-on-the-field type he craves. As one coach in QB-prospecting mode told me this spring: 'Jones has elite NFL traits. He's a natural thrower, is technically very sound, very accurate, and throws a catchable ball. His base and mechanics are excellent.' He's not the athlete Lance or Fields is, but he doesn't have feet of stone. I'll be fascinated—we all will—if Jones is the pick. And I can see it happening."

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Plenty of comparisons have been made between Jones, Fields, and Lance. Each QB brings something different to the table, although both Fields and Lance are both dual-threat QBs while Jones is thought of as more one-dimensional pocket-passer. 

This was Florio's analogy regarding the 49ers' big decision at pick No. 3. 

“When you pick one, you gotta watch what the other two do with other teams, it’s not like they disappear," Florio said. "This is like going into an expensive automobile dealership with the idea that you’re buying the Ferrari. I got the money, I took out the huge loan, I mortgaged the future and I'm getting the Ferrari. You walk in, you have a Ferrari, you have a Porsche, you got an Aston Martin in there. All of a sudden you realize, ‘I kind of like these other two cars.’ Here’s the difference, whichever one you take, your neighbors are going to have the other two. They’re buying the other two, you have to see the other two, you have to drive down the street next to them in that other one. That other one may end up being a hell of a lot nicer than the one you got.”

If that analogy is accurate, the 49ers are going home with a pretty sweet car no matter who they choose. Although 49ers fans may feel differently...

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