NFL QB Power Rankings Week 2: Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr slip after losses

NFL QB Power Rankings Week 2: Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr slip after losses

Every week, NBC Sports Bay Area ranks the NFL's men under center. After each lost in Week 1, where did Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr end up ahead of Week 2? Read on to find out...

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: OK, that was ridiculous what he did Sunday night -- even by his own standards. (Last week: 2)

2. Tom Brady, New England: There’s nothing personal about dropping him one spot. This was all about Rodgers. (1)

3. Drew Brees, New Orleans: It’s going to take a lot for anyone to crack this Top 3 this season. (3)

4. Philip Rivers, L.A. Chargers: He’d be even better if any of his receivers could catch a deep ball. (5)

5. Russell Wilson, Seattle: The supporting cast is nowhere near what it’s been, but the Seahawks still have a chance because of him. (6)

6. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota: As long as defenders do not turn around to find the ball, he’ll continue to make big plays. (10)

7. Alex Smith, Washington: The folks in the nation’s capital have reason to be united in their support of the new QB. (11)

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh: Things are a bit wacky in Pittsburgh, and his five turnovers certainly did not help against the lowly Browns. (4)

9. Matthew Stafford, Detroit: He’s had too many seasons of production for him to drop him out of the top 10 after one horrendous game. (7)

10. Cam Newton, Carolina: Did nothing particularly good or bad as a passer and led the team with 58 rushing yards. (13)

11. Jared Goff, L.A. Rams: The North Bay kid came through with a solid showing in helping his team pull away from Raiders on Monday. (14)

12. Deshaun Watson, Houston: Down by 18 points in third quarter, the Texans rallied to at least give New England a challenge. (9)

13. Matt Ryan, Atlanta: He looked skittish, and his passes were inaccurate and had no zip. Other than those issues and the loss to Philly, it was a good opening week. (8)

14. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati: Don’t be fooled by appearances, this guy is tough. (19)

15. Joe Flacco, Baltimore: He might petition the NFL to move Baltimore into the AFC East, so he can face the Bills twice a season. (20)

16. Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants: He should have fewer bruises in the coming weeks when he is not facing the Jaguars defense. (17)

17. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay: The 14th season might be the charm for Fitzpatrick, who was darn-near perfect in opener vs. the Saints. (28)

18. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis: He is clearly a better quarterback than a snowboarder. (21)

19. Dak Prescott, Dallas: Since Prescott led the Cowboys to an 11-game win streak in 2016 and prompted Tony Romo to retire, his team is 11-11. (18)

20. JIMMY GAROPPOLO, 49ERS: Finally, he loses. Some of it was his fault. Some of it was not. (15, tied)

21. DEREK CARR, RAIDERS: Jared Cook is certainly not complaining about the direction of the offense with Carr and Jon Gruden in charge. (15, tied)

22. Nick Foles, Philadelphia: He is going to have to play a lot better for the Eagles to remain in the hunt while Carson Wentz continues to rehab. (12)

23. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City: His arrow is pointing up. It looks like Andy Reid knows what he’s doing. (30)

24. Ryan Tannehill, Miami: He is undefeated in games that take at least seven hours to finish. (25)

25. Case Keenum, Denver: His 329 yards rank him No. 5 in the league after one week. Now, he must cut down on the number of passes that go to the other team. (26)

26. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville: His instructions are simple: Don’t screw it up. (22)

27. Sam Darnold, N.Y. Jets: His debut got a heck of a lot better after his first attempt was intercepted for a touchdown. The Jets might have found a keeper. (32)

28. Sam Bradford, Arizona: No home team scored fewer points than the two FGs that Bradford’s offense managed. (24)

29. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago: After a strong start, the Bears could not protect a 17-point fourth-quarter lead in their Week 1 loss to Rodgers and the Packers. (29)

30. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee: Even before Blaine Gabbert replaced him due to an elbow injury, things were not going smoothly. (23)

31. Tyrod Taylor, Cleveland: Only the Browns can be a plus-five in turnover margin and not win. Granted, it wasn’t a loss; but the winless streak continues. (27)

32. Josh Allen/Nathan Peterman, Buffalo: At this point, it doesn't matter. It did not take long in the opener for the Bills to pull the plug on Peterman and insert the wide-eyed rookie. (31)

Chiefs-Rams Monday night classic shows Raiders, 49ers have far to go


Chiefs-Rams Monday night classic shows Raiders, 49ers have far to go

The 49ers and Raiders ended Week 11 7.5 games and 6.5 games, respectively, back of the lead in their divisions. 

It feels like a lot more than that after Monday night's classic between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Los Angeles and Kansas City combined for 1,001 yards of offense and 105 points at the Los Angeles Coliseum, as the Rams held on for a 54-51 victory. If you love offense, it was historic in all the right ways. 

The 49ers have not scored 50 points in a game since Dec. 7, 2003, when Terrell Owens was still a 49er. The Raiders, meanwhile, scored last scored more points than the Chiefs or Rams did Monday night ... eight years ago.

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Monday's matchup served as a Super Bowl preview, and showed the 49ers and Raiders just how much room is left to climb back to the NFL's elite. Both the Rams and Chiefs have young quarterbacks -- Jared Goff is 24 and Patrick Mahomes is 23 -- and youth is on their side at the skill positions on offense, to boot. 

The 49ers and Raiders like their starting QBs (when healthy), but neither team has the same complement of weapons as their divisional counterparts. The salary cap will force Los Angeles and Kansas City to make some hard decisions, but San Francisco and Oakland are already at that point with Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr earning top dollar. 

We all know things can change quickly in the NFL. But as of Monday night, both teams have a long way to go. 

Jimmie Ward playing for his NFL future even if it's not with 49ers


Jimmie Ward playing for his NFL future even if it's not with 49ers

SANTA CLARA — Before the bye week, coach Kyle Shanahan told the 49ers to think about what they wanted from the last six games of the season.

He implored them to think about their future, and if they really wanted to be a part of the team going forward. One player whose future is uncertain is defensive back Jimmie Ward. 

The 49ers picked up the fifth year option on his rookie contract, but he is one of the few remaining players from the Baalke era. While Ward is happy in Santa Clara, he knows he could be headed to another city after the season comes to a close. 

He understands that the NFL is a business, and that his future in football could be anywhere. He’s ok with that. 

“Doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m playing football,” Ward said. “I love the 49ers, I got drafted here. But at the same time, as I’ve been for five years, I’ve seen a lot change. And it’s going to change each year.” 

Ward’s indifference about his location is not nonchalance. He knows these final games are an audition for his future in the league.

He is playing for a roster spot. Maybe with the 49ers, or maybe with another team.

“It’s like preseason all over again,” Ward said. “That’s how I look at each game.”

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Ward faced many challenges during his Niners tenure. For one, he was asked to play a variety of positions.

He played safety, then nickel and corner before finally playing safety again this season. Ward embraced the challenge, but safety is really the position he enjoys the most. 

“There’s a lot to lose, there’s a lot to gain,” Ward said. “Back at safety ... oh my God, it feels good to be back home. The spot where I played at college and I get to move around a lot too.” 

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Ward will also have to overcome his long injury history. He hopes the “freak accidents” are over, and that both he and fellow safety Jaquiski Tartt can finish out the season strong. They both finished the 2017 season on injured reserve, each with with broken forearm. 

Ward and Tartt both attended Davidson High School in Mobile, Ala. They support and motivate each other, but also want to "one up" each other as well. Ward said it's not just about who makes the big plays, but also who makes the least mistakes. 

The defensive back said he took Shanahan's message to heart. As the season winds down, though, Ward is motivated by his love of the game above all else. 

“Sooner or later I won’t be in the league anymore but football is still going to go on,” Ward said. “That’s just part of football. That’s the business side. So, I hear him, but regardless, if I’m on his team or not, I’m going to play hard. It’s just what I love to do. It’s football."