49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch are entering Year 3 of their six-year contracts with the 49ers. The 2019 season is a critical one for the duo, and it sounds like it is far from smooth sailing in San Francisco. 

Bleacher Report's Matt Miller reported Tuesday that there is friction between the 49ers coach and GM. Sources in the team's scouting and coaching staff told Miller that Shanahan and Lynch aren't seeing eye to eye with their vision during the offseason and how they see the future of the team. 

Shanahan and Lynch were hired eight days apart in early 2017, with Lynch appointed first as the team's newest GM on Jan. 29. But it was known for quite some time that Shanahan would be announced as the 49ers head coach after the Super Bowl, where he was still finishing his duties as the Falcons' offensive coordinator. 

The two come from different football backgrounds. Shanahan first started coaching as a graduate assistant at UCLA in 2003 and his father, Mike, coached for multiple college and NFL teams. Lynch is a former nine-time Pro Bowl safety who was hired after being an analyst with no scouting background. 

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Trust is key to any relationship, and Miller says it could be falling apart between Shanahan and Lynch. As Shanahan wants to focus solely on scheme and developing players, Miller notes the 49ers coach is being asked more and more about player evaluation and doesn't trust Lynch's decision-making. 


Through two seasons with Shanahan and Lynch at the helm, the 49ers have a 10-22 record. The third season could be a charm -- or it could be the downfall of this duo.