Report: Seahawks rejected wild Wilson trade in North Dakota


Poor Bears fans. 

As the Chicago Bears' fanbase pounds the table for a franchise quarterback, the front office instead agreed to a one-year contract with Andy Dalton to compete with Nick Foles. But the Bears reportedly made a monster trade offer to the Seattle Seahawks for star QB Russell Wilson during a meeting in North Dakota that would have changed the NFC West landscape for the 49ers, and the NFL as a whole. 

NFL Media's Ian Rapoport reported early Wednesday morning that Bears general manager Ryan Pace and Seahawks general manager Jon Schneider recently met during North Dakota State's Pro Day to talk about a possible Wilson trade. 

"They talked, offers were exchanged," Rapoport said on the NFL Network. "The Bears certainly made a big, big offer -- multiple first-round picks. The Seahawks slept on it, they discussed it. Yesterday they decided ... specifically coach Pete Carroll, 70 years old, does not want to rebuild, decided we are not trading Russell Wilson to the Bears." 

Just how big was the Bears' offer? A source told Dan Patrick the details on what would have been a blockbuster deal of three first-round draft picks, a third-round pick and two unnamed starters. 

While Carroll has made it clear he doesn't want to trade Wilson and the Seahawks didn't pull the trigger on Chicago's monster of a deal, ESPN's Adam Schefter believes there still is a chance Wilson gets dealt this offseason. 

"I don't think it's done, no," Schefter said Wednesday morning on ESPN's "Get Up." "I don't think I'm ready to say Russell Wilson is a Seahawk, will be a Seahawk. ... I want to see the draft come and go before I'm ready to say that Russell Wilson will be a Seahawk this year." 

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While Wilson hasn't officially requested a trade, he reportedly has told the team he's open to being traded to a short list of teams. The Bears are on that list, as well as the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys and the Raiders. The Bears added Dalton, the Saints are bringing back Jameis Winston, the Cowboys re-signed Dak Prescott to a giant contract extension and the Raiders continue to put their faith in Derek Carr. 

Wilson still could be on the move, but it seems likely he will continue to be a 49ers nemesis for at least this season. The Faithful, and everyone with an office at Levi's Stadium, surely hope that changes. This rocky marriage in Seattle would shift the tide of the entire league, and help get the 49ers one step closer to contention.

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