Jets roasted for conceding impossible third-and-31 to 49ers


Converting on third-and-31 is nearly impossible in the NFL. But don’t tell that to Jerick McKinnon and the 49ers.

Facing a mile to go from inside their own 11-yard line early in the third quarter of Sunday's game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, McKinnon rushed 55 yards to complete the first down by plenty.

According to NextGenStats, the 49ers had a 1.6 percent chance of converting from that down and distance.

It was the first such conversion since 1999.

And of course, given the Jets’ struggles during the game -- and general ineptitude for years -- NFL Twitter had a field day making fun of them.

Jets coach Adam Gase already might be on the hot seat, and the 49ers' historic conversion against his squad certainly didn’t help.