Bosa explains how Lance is helping 49ers prepare for Hurts

Trey Lance

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Nick Bosa believes the 49ers' defense has been getting great preparation for Jalen Hurts ever since OTAs.

Bosa and his defensive teammates have the challenge of not only seeing Hurts in Week 2 when they face the Philadelphia Eagles but also of facing Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson twice each season. 

Facing a mobile quarterback has been somewhat of an Achilles' heel for the otherwise stout 49ers defensive front. Bosa knows the tendencies of the two NFC West quarterbacks but the 49ers only have one week of Eagles game film to break down for Hurts.

Rather than solely depending on film, Bosa believes that facing Trey Lance since the beginning of OTAs has given the defense much better preparation for mobile QBs than they have previously had. Unlike in the past, when receiver Richie James Jr. stood in on the scout team as the play-caller, Lance truly forces the defense to be honest.

"Very good look, scrambling, finding the hole and getting out on the edge and making throws downfield,” Bosa said Thursday. “It’s pretty realistic for us. I think it’s actually a really good look for us. It gives us a realistic look at if you get out of your rush lane, what’s going to happen.”

While each quarterback has their own unique characteristics, Bosa explained that it still is extremely helpful to face a player like Lance in practice. Being ready for the strain a mobile quarterback will put on the defense is a necessity. 


The 2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year already has identified how much more confident Murray is in his third season and how he is constantly looking to run. Hurts, who is “just getting his feet wet," is looking to get rid of the ball quickly but also takes the chance to escape the pocket when he can. 

“This guy’s definitely different than Kyler and Russell,” Bosa said of Hurts. “But it really is tough. You have to game plan for guys like that and just be disciplined throughout the game.”  

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Lance has been taking 80 percent of the scout team reps and defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans also is thankful for the preparation the defense has been getting. 

“Well, right now with Trey working with us on scout team, he's gave us the best looks we can ever ask for,” Ryans said on Thursday. “It's very beneficial. We've had it all OTAs, all training camp. Trey is such a dynamic player and for us to be able to benefit from the look that he's giving us has been outstanding.”

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