Nick Bosa talks trash, gets revenge vs. Baker Mayfield in 49ers' win

Nick Bosa talks trash, gets revenge vs. Baker Mayfield in 49ers' win

SANTA CLARA — Sept. 9, 2017 is a day etched into Nick Bosa’s mind. It was the day that spawned a need for revenge that finally came to fruition under the bright lights of "Monday Night Football."

Bosa’s retribution came late in the second quarter of the 49ers' 31-3 beatdown of the Browns, when he forced Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield into an intentional grounding penalty. Bosa's celebration was a reenactment of when Mayfield, then the QB for the Oklahoma Sooners, planted an Oklahoma flag in the middle of the Ohio State field after a 31-16 win over Bosa's Buckeyes over two years ago.
Bosa was deadpan when he was asked about his celebration.

“I think everybody knows what that was for,” Bosa said after the game. “Just wanted to get payback. He had it coming.”  

Bosa finished the night with a dominating performance in the team’s rout of the Browns. He finished the game with two sacks, five quarterback hits, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and four solo tackles. When he wasn’t making contact with Mayfield, he and the rest of the defensive line were getting pressure on the quarterback.

The flag-planting wasn’t where the verbal and physical harassment of Mayfield stopped. Bosa admitted he was getting under Mayfield’s skin throughout the game. Although Bosa is not normally a trash talker on the field, Mayfield brought that out in the rookie pass rusher. 

“I was kind of trying to talk,” Bosa said. “I don’t usually talk but this game he had it coming but he didn’t say one word back. I was just screaming his name, ‘Baaaaker…Baaaaaker,…you good? Come on pick it up, we want a challenge.”

Did the 49ers' dominant defensive line make Mayfield skittish?

“Yes,” Bosa said. “I don’t know how anybody can think he could see over Arik (Armstead) and Buck (DeForest Buckner) but he was panicking, double-clutching, rolling back and forth, we had him rattled all game.”

But Bosa knows it takes more than one person to have a dominating defense and he gave a lot of credit to Dee Ford, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner for helping him notch his breakout game. But Ford sees potential for even more from the rookie.

“I see what he can do,” Ford said. “He will have a breakout game. Tonight was a level up for him. I feel like he is a game-breaker period. I think we are going to see a lot more of Nick.”

Coach Kyle Shanahan also was not surprised by Bosa’s performance. He has seen it since the rookie first arrived in Santa Clara. 

“I had to go against him in practice and quickly he definitely pissed me off a lot in practice for an offensive coach,” Shanahan said. “Then I get a look at the tape and have mixed emotions because trying to decide which one I was happier with that day.” 

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Bosa might be momentarily satisfied with the team’s win, but already is looking ahead to facing the Rams in an NFC West showdown in Week 6. While he thinks that the 49ers have shown that they are not a “fake undefeated team,” there is still a lot more to prove.

“I think that’s pretty clear,” Bosa said. “I think it’s time to play a division opponent which is what really matters. We’re not done.” 

Why later kickoff could prove beneficial to 49ers' health vs. Packers

Why later kickoff could prove beneficial to 49ers' health vs. Packers

SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers might need every extra hour they are getting this week for some players to be available for kickoff on Sunday.

The 49ers' game against the Green Bay Packers was flexed from a scheduled 1:25 p.m. PT start to "Sunday Night Football" at 5:20.

That was a significant development for 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan when it comes to helping such players as tight end George Kittle (ankle, knee) and wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders (ribs) and Deebo Samuel (shoulder) get ready to play. The 49ers (9-1) face the Packers (8-2) in a key NFC game this week at Levi's Stadium.

“I’m just glad we’ve got four more hours for Kittle and Deebo and Emmanuel to rest and recover,” Shanahan said.

Kittle, the 49ers top pass-catcher, has missed the past two games due to injuries he sustained on Oct. 31. He did not practice on Wednesday, though he was on the practice field with his helmet in hand.

Shanahan said Kittle is doing better this week but still not well enough to practice.

“It’s going to come down to the wire again and hopefully it will work out,” Shanahan said.

Sanders and Samuel did not practice, but both were on the practice field to watch and are expected to be available to play Sunday night against the Packers.

Defensive end Dee Ford (hamstring) and left tackle Joe Staley (finger) have been ruled out due to injuries.

Running back Matt Breida and kicker Robbie Gould did not practice. Running back Raheem Mostert, nose tackle D.J. Jones and linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair were limited.

Shanahan said he truly believes the later start time on Sunday will be beneficial to his team.

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“When you have a lot of guys that are banged up, the later it can be better,” Shanahan said. “I think it’s a little harder to get going early in the morning. If it was an East Coast Monday night game, that’d probably be the best, except I wouldn’t want to travel and be on the road.

“But the longer our guys can have the better. Our guys need it right now.”

49ers practice participation

No practice
TE George Kittle (ankle, knee)
RB Matt Breida (ankle)
WR Emmanuel Sanders (ribs)
WR Deebo Samuel (shoulder)
K Robbie Gould (right quadriceps
DE Dee Ford (hamstring)

LT Joe Staley (finger)
NT D.J. Jones (groin)
LB Azeez Al-Shaair (concussion)
RB Raheem Mostert (knee)

Kyle Shanahan believes 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo exceeds some expectations


Kyle Shanahan believes 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo exceeds some expectations

SANTA CLARA  -- Heading into Week 12, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has now started in as many games post ACL surgery as he did prior to it. 

Garoppolo has clearly had his ups and downs, but coach Kyle Shanahan believes in certain areas his quarterback is ahead of schedule in his progress. Garoppolo has completed 68.8 percent of his passes with 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions giving him a 97.7 rating over 10 games. 

“I knew it would start out slow for him this year like it goes for everyone coming off an ACL,” Shanahan said. “Especially for a guy, who in my opinion, was almost a rookie. I know he played less than rookie quarterbacks the year before, guys like Baker [Mayfield] and stuff. 

“So he hadn’t played much, and then he came off an ACL, so I’d be worried for anyone in that situation. I think Jimmy has exceeded some expectations sometimes, but I still think he’s playing well and can still get a lot better.”

At the beginning of the season, the 49ers didn’t need to rely on the efficiency of Garoppolo to win games boasting the top producing run game in the league. Now that opposing defenses have keyed in on stopping the likes of Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman, more responsibility has fallen onto the shoulders of the man under center. 

Garoppolo has made outstanding no-look plays like the throw to Jeff Wilson for the game-winning touchdown facing the Cardinals. He threaded the needle between two defenders for Kendrick Bourne’s score in the same game. But while not all of the interceptions have been entirely his fault, there have been a few that he’d definitely like to have back. 

Like his receivers, Garoppolo has bounced back from those mistakes and Shanahan sees that as an important quality in a quarterback. With the same mentality as in the locker room, Shanahan took some responsibility for the errors. He also knows that if there is no risk, there is no reward. 

“It’s nice when they do make a lot of plays and do some good stuff,” Shanahan said. “But some bad plays do come with that and I understand that and I think Jimmy will get better in that area. I think he does continue to get better in that area and I also think that we could make it easier on him based on the type of game we call and how good we do around him. 

“But that’s part of football. It’s very rare that you just come out and throw a ton of touchdowns and no picks, but I do like that Jimmy doesn’t seem to be affected by it that he doesn’t go into a shell he still gives us a chance to win. And the more that he can keep playing the way he is without doing those turnovers, how much harder he will be to stop.”  

Garoppolo has appeared much more comfortable in the pocket, not shying away from defenders coming towards his lower body which he seemed to do in the preseason. He has made impressive throws with defenders in his face and has not shied away from contact. 

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Shanahan doesn’t believe that Garoppolo needs to take hits to prove his toughness but sees what he has been able to accomplish as a rare quality. 

“I think it takes very special guys to hang in there with the toughness that you got to have and still be able to make decisions, and still have an elite arm, and still be able to read everything and process it, and that’s why I don’t think there’s 32 on the planet. I think there’s less than that.”