At the conclusion of the 49ers' win over the Cardinals on Sunday, you likely were doing one of three things: running around the room in celebration, breaking everything in sight or crying with laughter.

The first description applies to those who bet on San Francisco to beat the 10-point spread.

The second description applies to those who bet on Arizona.

The third, of course, applies to everyone else who had the enjoyment of watching the Cardinals fumble multiple times on a game-ending hook-and-ladder play that resulted in a 49ers' defensive touchdown that made the scoring margin -- you guessed it -- 10 points.

Yep, when D.J. Reed returned the fumble for a touchdown to put the 49ers up 36-26, it secured what those in the betting world would refer to as a "miracle push." San Francisco spotted Arizona 16 points to begin the game, so Cardinals' bettors were looking great ... until they weren't.

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They shouldn't be too upset, though. Just think, it could have been worse. After all, the 49ers never got the chance to attempt an extra point at the end of the game. Then again, the Cardinals missed one in the first quarter.

On second thought ... be upset. Be very upset.