Mostert knows Lance will be ready when his time comes


It's a question as old as time ... or so it feels. 

Who will be the 49ers' starting quarterback in Week 1 against the Detroit Lions?

The topic has been debated nonstop ever since San Francisco selected Trey Lance with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The 49ers, from general manager John Lynch to coach Kyle Shanahan, have reiterated time and time again that Jimmy Garoppolo will be the starting quarterback. 

Whether or not that ends up being true remains to be seen. For now, though, the quarterback battle continues to heat up each and every day. 

With Lance set to replace Garoppolo one day, 49ers running back Raheem Mostert discussed the dynamic between the exciting young rookie and the incumbent. 

“The dynamic has been all positive," Mostert said on the "Tiki and Tierney" show. "We know who the quarterback is, we know the situation and we understand that whoever is under center, we’re going to have their back regardless."

Whether it be NFL experience and a history of winning, or a dynamic, dual-threat style of play, both quarterbacks bring something to the table. 

"Jimmy [Garoppolo] is a great guy, great leader, he’s been proven once before, so you gotta lean on him," Mostert added. "Then you got Trey [Lance] who is a younger guy and more mobile. There’s a lot of pros to having both the guys and it’s definitely a whirlwind practicing with both of them."


No matter who starts, the 49ers will still be a run-first team, and Mostert is excited to watch both QBs play. 

“They’re doing a great job and Kyle [Shanahan] is doing a great job putting them in those situations, too. So I'm excited for both of them, honestly, and I truly can’t wait to see both of them go out there and shine.”

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When asked if there was a chance if both Garoppolo and Lance could play this season, Mostert had this to say:

"There may be a game where Trey Lance gets more snaps than Jimmy [Garoppolo] but you never know. It’s all about game planning and the opponent that we’re playing. I don’t necessarily know what the snap count is going to be for Trey, but all I know is he’s going to be ready when his time comes.”

The quarterback battle will not be ending anytime soon. For now, though, Mostert is enjoying playing alongside two very talented leaders under center. 

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