49ers' Mostert not worried about fake crowd noise at Levi's


Levi's Stadium is about to look a whole lot different on Sunday when the 49ers host the Arizona Cardinals for their season opener. 

After reaching Super Bowl LIV, 49ers fans were expected to flood Levi's and welcome back the NFC champions. But that won't be happening. Due to the coronavirus, no fans will be allowed inside the stadium. 

The 49ers will pump in fake crowd noise over the loud speakers, and coach Kyle Shanahan was not a fan of their first attempt at the experiment. He hated it so much so that he called the noise a "form of human torture." 

But running back Raheem Mostert doesn't hate it quite as much as his coach. 

"It's definitely different, I would say," Mostert told reporters Monday, via 49ers Webzone. "We tried it last week, and we had it, I think it was at 60 (decibels) the first time, and then they bumped it up to 70. So it's definitely different when it's at the 70 level, but I think that we're just going to be in our zone and not really worry about the crowd noise too much, even though it's going to be playing the entire time from start to finish.

"That's going to be a little bit different."

Mostert, 28, is expected to have a bigger role this season for the 49ers after his breakout last season. He doesn't want to be a one-hit wonder after a historic performance in the NFC Championship Game. Mostert must show he has earned his new contract. 


And fake crowd noise can't get in the way. 

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"I don't believe that I'm going to necessarily be affected by it when I'm on the field between those white lines," Mostert said. "It's going to be nice to hear it once I'm on the sideline, or something like that, to see how annoying it is or if guys really do love it.

"And I also heard they're playing music too, so that will be nice."

Mostert will be part of what Shanahan hopes is a three-headed monster in the backfield this season, along with Tevin Coleman and a healthy Jerick McKinnon.