Many people sheltering in place during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are using their time at home to reconnect with old friends across long distances with the help of modern technology.

Richard Sherman is reconnecting with old enemies.

Yes, the beef you surely forgot about -- unless the last two-plus months have just been an extended “Super Bowl week” for you -- is back. The 49ers cornerback tweeted a clip of seven-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis getting burned on a route, referencing Revis’ questioning of Sherman’s man-to-man ability after the NFC Championship game.

Unless you’re new here, you won’t be surprised that Revis, a retired player who now has even more time on his hands, responded.

Sherman sure isn’t one to forget a perceived slight, but the three-time First-Team All-Pro corner couldn’t have picked a more boring one to dig up.

After all, Sherman did his damnedest to dispel the notion he simply is a zone cornerback after the 49ers’ NFC Divisional Round over the Minnesota Vikings in a podium appearance for the ages. Sherman made the argument a week before Revis ripped him, and the San Francisco star claimed soon after that his retired counterpart was just trying to stay ‘relevant’ with his comments.


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I can’t imagine too many people were pining for the latest salvo in the Sherman-Revis “feud,” but Sherman made a larger point worth considering after shading Revis.

Now that’s something to remember, unlike some social-media chest-pounding from two of the best cornerbacks in NFL history.