Sherman reacts to violent pro-Trump mob storming Capitol Hill


Richard Sherman, like the majority of the world, was disgusted Wednesday as he watched rioters supporting President Donald Trump storm Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. 

The 49ers cornerback called Wednesday a "sad day" while expressing his feelings on Twitter. 

The riots and acts of terror occurred the same day the electoral college was to be certified, again lawfully making President-elect Joe Biden the next sitting President of the United States. Wednesday also marked the day Democrats were set to take the senate following Georgia's US Senate runoff election.

Videos surfaced Wednesday during the riots of police officers taking selfies with the pro-Trump mob inside Capitol Hill, and cops helping a white woman down the steps of Capitol Hill as well.

Only 13 rioters reportedly were arrested Wednesday in Washington D.C.

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Duane Brown said to reporters that "people can't be surprised by what's happening," and Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers asked the media, "can you imagine today if all those storming the capitol were black people?"

This is America. This is a day everyone, the sports world and beyond, will remember as yet another sad and embarrassing day for our country's history.

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