Sherman doubles down, believes 49ers will pick Fields

/ by Dalton Johnson
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Justin Fields

Richard Sherman is sticking with his prediction. Asked one week after saying he believes the 49ers will select Justin Fields with the No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Sherman is doubling down on that claim

"I still think that Justin Fields is the pick," Sherman said on Wednesday's "Cris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman."

Sherman spent his last three seasons with the 49ers. The star cornerback doesn't have inside information, but he isn't buying the Mac Jones hype. Coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch always have kept their plans close to the vest, and Sherman believes that's the case here as well. 

"I don't know what they're thinking," Sherman said. "I don't think Kyle and John ever show their hand. I've never seen speculation to the point that it is right now. This is a feverous pitch of speculation. This is ridiculous.

"And then it's almost like a smokescreen because every mock has Mac Jones. It's like, c'mon now. It's interesting. It's gonna be interesting and San Francisco's gonna pretty much control the draft and control what everybody else does." 

Almost all mock drafts have the 49ers taking Jones with their top pick. Evaluators see Jones as a prototypical Shanahan quarterback. He's extremely accurate, makes quick decisions and throws a nice deep ball. 

Plus, Shanahan and Lynch opted to watch Jones' second pro day in person instead of Fields' first at Ohio State. To Sherman, that doesn't mean anything. 


"No, no," Sherman said. "I mean, you've got Alabama. Even if they're not scouting for this year, they're scouting for next year. It's just like going to Ohio State and Clemson. You don't miss those. I think they're getting their reads of these quarterbacks, and it's not like they didn't get to watch the film.

"I think they had to go to all three."

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Shanahan and Lynch are in attendance for Fields' second pro held at Ohio State on Wednesday. He's even expected to run 49ers concepts at the big event. Shanahan and Lynch also are expected to be at Trey Lance's second pro day at North Dakota State on Monday, in which he also is expected to run Shanahan drills. 

Until the 49ers are on the clock come April 29, this still is anyone's best guess. But Sherman is going with Fields.

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