Gronk reveals how he'd beat 'warrior' Kittle in wrestling match

/ by Eduardo Razo
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Rob Gronkowski is no stranger to professional wrestling. Neither is George Kittle, who is a noted wrestling fan himself. So, a Gronkowski-Kittle match in the squared circle would be ideal. 

Gronkowski is game for it, and he even highlighted the qualities that make the 49ers tight end the perfect rival.

"I love George," Gronkowski told NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco and Jennifer Lee Chan in a "49ers Talk" interview at Super Bowl Radio Row in Phoenix. "I love his game. I think he is the best tight end in the game that is a complete package tight end in the blocking game and in the receiving game.

"He's a great talent, and he brings so much joy to the table. He's such a great personality, but he's also a warrior as well. He'll take on anyone at any time, which is just a great feature to have, especially playing the game of football. You want to be tapped a little bit like that. So, he would be a challenge, but I got to go with myself. I have to you just got to bet on yourself."

Gronkowski revealed how he'd defeat Kittle, and also predicted the 49ers star could be open to losing the match considering the finishing moves.

"I would have to give him the Stone Cold Stunner," Gronkowski said. "Yeah, I think he would appreciate that, too. He would let me win. If he knows he's getting the Stone Cold Stunner as well. I stun him, his hair would be flopping all over the place, and then after he's on the ground, I'll give him The People's Elbow as well."

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Kittle isn't going along with Gronkowski's plan, though, as he told Chan on the NFL Honors red carpet Thursday night when informed of what the ex-Patriots and Buccaneers tight end had said.

"I'd RKO him so fast because he's old and out of the league," Kittle jokingly told Chan. "Quick RKO. Watch out, watch out, watch out -- the Viper. I'm coming at you, Gronk."

If AEW or WWE is interested in arranging this match, many fans probably would tune in to watch these two great tight ends put on a show.

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