MNF broadcast raves about Saleh for head coach openings

Robert Saleh

49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh is expected to be in high demand for a head-coaching job this coming offseason. And if teams put any stock in what "Monday Night Football" broadcasters Brian Griese and Louis Riddick think of Saleh, he'll be snatched up in the blink of an eye.

During the 49ers-Bills game on Monday night, the ESPN broadcast turned its attention to Saleh and his head-coaching candidacy, specifically referencing a group of Michigan lawmakers who recently sent a letter to the Detroit Lions, urging them to hire him. Griese and Riddick seemed to suggest the same.

"He's an unbelievable coach and the Lions should be so lucky to even have an opportunity to talk to a guy like Robert Saleh," Griese said. "He's going to have his pick. In my book, he's the No. 1 candidate this offseason for a head coaching job. He's that good."

"Yeah, what's interesting about head coaching candidates, people have their preferences and profiles," Riddick added. "But this guy fits the bill. 41 years old. Has a great outlook as far as player development and getting the most out of guys. And he will turn a program around fast."

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The 49ers struggled to stop Josh Allen and the Bills' offense on national television on Monday night. If that gives any team pause about Saleh, surely there will be others who gladly will take him.