Roger Goodell hosts 49ers fans' fantasy football draft at NFL offices


Imagine NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announcing the first round of your fantasy football draft.

Imagine how insane that might look.

But for one league full of 49ers fans, they didn't have to imagine. It actually happened to them.

"I was watching NFL Network and a commercial came up where it said Roger Goodell will announce the first round of your draft," Joe Farris said.

"So we put together a video and once we did that and submitted it, I thought, 'Pack your bags because we're going to New York,'" John Farris said.

The members of the Whiz Kids league were selected and did indeed get to go to the NFL headquarters in New York.

Upon their arrival, they were led into Goodell's office where they were greeted by the commissioner, and the Whiz Kids took over the commissioner's office.

"Pinch me," John Farris said. "Is this really happening to us?"

A fantasy football league that has been around for 44 years was about to have the most powerful man in professional football announce their picks for the first round of their draft.

"Alright, let's get started," Goodell announced. "The 2019 Whiz Kids fantasy football draft is now underway."

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You can watch how the first round of the Whiz Kids' fantasy draft unfolded here:

We apologize for making your fantasy draft at your friend's house seem insignificant.