The Santa Clara Police Officers' Association on Friday issued a letter to 49ers owner Jed York with the intent of addressing the current situation regarding Colin Kaepernick's protest of the National Anthem. 

The letter, obtained by NBC Bay Area, is in full below. 

Mr.Jed York

San Francisco 49ers

4949 Marie P. DeBartolo Way Santa Clara, CA 95054

September 2, 2016

Mr. York,

The members of the Santa Clara Police Officers' Association {SCPOA) have a long history of working with the San Francisco 49ers organization. This relationship was greatly expanded with the construction of Levi's stadium. Our officers and 49er employees have worked incredibly well together to create a safe and enjoyable environment for guests and employees.  This partnership has made Levi's stadium the premier sports venue in the world as evident in the extremely successful Super Bowl 50 operation.

Unfortunately, some recent actions by a 49ers employee have threatened our harmonious working relationship.  On August 26, 2016, prior to the start of the 49er pre-season football game at Levi's stadium, on duty 49er employee Colin Kaepernick made the decision to exercise his right of free expression and not stand to honor the National Anthem. This expression caught the attention of the media. Following the game, your employee explained to the media that his actions were an attempt to get public attention to the oppression of African Americans and minorities in the United States by police officers. Your employee then insinuated that police officers are being placed on paid leave for murdering minorities. This statement is obviously insulting, inaccurate and completely unsupported by any facts.

On August 28, 2016, at 49er training facility in Santa Clara, Mr. Kaepernick again made the allegation that police officers are getting paid to murder people. Your employee further insulted all law enforcement officers in America by stating, "There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police."  Mr. Kaepernick then made inaccurate and untrue statements about the level of training that is required to be a police officer.


On August 31,2016, it was learned by the members of the SCPOA that the 49er organization has been allowing Mr. Kaepernick to wear exposed socks with the image of a pig wearing a police hat during practices at the training camp in Santa Clara . Photos of Mr. Kaepernick wearing these socks with the derogatory image have been broadcast nationally.

Our membership acknowledges that police officers are human and are not perfect. However, blanket statements that police officers in general, murder minorities is completely false and insulting to the dedicated men and women in law enforcement agencies across America.

These intentional acts and inflammatory statements by Mr. Kaepernick are insulting to the members of the SCPOA . It is apparent, that the 49ers organization is aware of Mr. Kaepernick's actions. These actions have occurred while Mr. Kaepernick was acting as an employee of the 49ers and at 49er facilities in Santa Clara. The 49ers organization has taken no action to stop or prevent Mr. Kaepernick from continuing to make inaccurate, incorrect and inflammatory statements against police officers, which include members of the Santa Clara Police Officers Association.

Furthermore, your organization has made no statement disagreeing with Mr. Kaepernick's accusations. It is the unanimous opinion of the SCPOA that the 49ers organization has failed to address your employee's inappropriate workplace behavior. The board of directors of the Santa Clara Police Officers Association has a duty to protect its members and work to make all of their working environments free of harassing behavior.

SCPOA members have worked thousands of hours at Levi's stadium, 49er training camp and headquarters protecting guests, players and fellow employees. Our officers voluntarily agree to work these assignments. If the 49ers organization fails to take action to stop this type of inappropriate workplace behavior, it could result in police officers choosing not to work at your facilities. Please contact us as soon as possible with the corrective actions your organization intends on implementing.

The men and women of the Santa Clara Police Officers Association are sworn to protect the rights of ALL people in the United States, a duty we take very seriously.  Our members, however, have the right to do their job in an environment free of unjustified and insulting attacks from employees of your organization.

SCPOA Board of Directors 

Cc: Rajeev Batra Chief Mike Sellers