49ers have no answers for Seahawks' Metcalf in first half


Too big. Too strong. Too Fast. DK Metcalf was too much for the 49ers in the first half on Sunday, simple as that. 

The Seattle Seahawks receiver went off against San Francisco through the first two quarters in this battle between two rivals. Metcalf hauled in six receptions for 102 yards and scored two touchdowns. He scored a 46-yard touchdown in the first quarter and a 2-yard TD in the second. 

Metcalf's 46-yard touchdown was the longest TD allowed by the 49ers this season, according to ESPN Stats and Info. His 36 yards after the catch on the score was his most in a single reception in his two-year pro career. 

Coach Kyle Shanahan knew Metcalf would be a problem coming into this game. He obviously just hoped it wouldn't be this big of a problem. Shanahan has been so impressed by Metcalf early in his career, he even compared the receiver to Atlanta Falcons star Julio Jones. 

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“As a rookie last year he was unbelievable,” Shanahan said of Metcalf on 49ers Game Plan. “He’s only better this year. DK is just different than everyone. Not everyone. The guy he reminds me of is Julio. The way he runs. The way his body is. The way he lowers his head and comes off the ball. His stride. His arm pump. His physicality.

“Julio is the top of everybody to me. And just to be able to be mentioned with him shows you the type of freak he is.”


Russell Wilson and Metcalf have looked like a modern-day Steve Young and Terrell Owens, and unfortunately for the 49ers, that continued Sunday during the duo's monster first half.