Presented By 49ers

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers have no controversy at quarterback, coach Kyle Shanahan said on Monday.

The 49ers will stick with struggling veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer while rookie C.J. Beathard will remain as the backup. Hoyer struggled in the 49ers' 18-15 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

“I don’t look at it like it’s Brian vs. C.J. right now,” Shanahan said. “I look at it as ‘What’s best for our team right now.’ And if I did feel that (a change at quarterback) was the best thing for our team right now, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. That would be an easy decision if I thought that was the best thing for our team right now.

“I don’t feel it is the best thing for our team right now, so that’s something I haven’t started to consider.”

Shanahan said he does not want to lose perspective with the 49ers off to a 0-4 start this season. He said Hoyer is not the only one to blame for the 49ers’ struggles on offense. San Francisco has not scored a touchdown in three of their four games.

“I think he needs toplay better and we need to play better around him,” Shanahan said.

Hoyer is completing 58.1 percent of his pass attempts for 858 yards with two touchdowns, four interceptions and a passer rating of 67.9.