49ers' Thomas proud of response to Bayless' Dak criticism


Solomon Thomas has become an important advocate for mental health awareness. The 49ers defensive end launched the "End Stigma. Change Lives." campaign this week to help raise awareness and break down the stigma of mental health.

Thomas is one of many professional athletes to open up about their battles with depression recently, including Kevin Love, Michael Phelps and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott was lauded for his essay detailing his struggles with mental health, but FOX Sports' resident windbag Skip Bayless saw Prescott opening up about his issues as a sign of weakness. Bayless was almost universally condemned for his insensitive and asinine remarks.

Thomas was glad to see the public support of Prescott, who he believes is an important voice when it comes to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and depression.

"I was really proud of how people reacted to that," Thomas told NFL media. "This is why mental health is a stigma. What Skip said was so dangerous and so wrong. It was so strong for people to defend Dak in that moment. He was a leader for saying he (struggled).

"It's so powerful for Dak to let people know that the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, America's Team, struggled with depression. That outreach he has is huge. He helped change so many people's lives that he doesn't know about, that he will probably never know about."

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Thomas' battle with depression began after his older sister, Ella, committed suicide early in 2018. Thomas penned an essay late in 2018 opening up about his struggles with depression and couldn't believe the outpouring of support.


Since then, Thomas has been a vocal advocate when it comes to mental health and depression, believing everyone's battle should be taken seriously.

"Every day is a battle, and those people are the strongest people I know," Thomas said. "They know they're going through a spike and find a way to keep pushing on. They continue to wake up each day and fight."

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