The NFL kicked off the commemoration of its upcoming 100th season in fine fashion Sunday with a commercial that celebrated many of the game’s great players at a fictitious gala.

But the script made one major, inexcusable mistake.

After all, everybody should know that Joe Montana never throws an interception on Super Bowl Sunday.

But there it is, 35 seconds into the spot, after Marshawn Lynch dislodges the football from the top of a triple-layered cake to set the chaos into full Animal House cafeteria mode.

Montana reaches down to pick up the loose ball. Michael Irvin yells to Montana that he’s open.

“No can do, Cowboy,” Montana says.

Then, of course, Montana looks toward Jerry Rice in his progression.

But what comes next was more unbelievable than the high-powered Los Angeles Rams offense being held to a meager three points over 60 minutes.

Deion Sanders, obviously channeling his non-49ers days, steps in front of Rice to make the interception.

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In case anyone needs reminding, here are Joe Montana’s statistics in his four Super Bowl starts for the 49ers in the 1980s:

Attempts: 122
Completions: 83
Yards passing: 1,142
Touchdowns: 11
Interceptions: 0
Passer rating: 127.8


And nothing that happened Sunday during the widely acclaimed commercial can ever change that for the three-time Super Bowl MVP.