Super Bowl 54: 49ers' Mike McGlinchey calls out Jimmy Garoppolo naysayers

Super Bowl 54: 49ers' Mike McGlinchey calls out Jimmy Garoppolo naysayers

When 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey stopped by 95.7 The Game on Wednesday, he continued to talk about how he was in disbelief of the season the team had.

The 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2 in Miami, an outcome that, according to McGlinchey, was brought forth by a lot of hard work ... and perhaps a little bit of luck.

With the biggest game of their careers ahead of them, Jimmy Garoppolo will get a taste of his first Super Bowl start. This creates a few storylines of whether or not he's ready for the task, something McGlinchey assures everyone isn't an issue.

"One -- he's the best guy ever, and he prepares unbelievably, he's cool, calm and collected in those big moments, and two -- and most importantly of his track record," McGlinchey said. "Like four or five different times this year, he has come through in the clutchest of ways and I don't know what games people have been watching."

He also said if you were to go back and watch some of the games, Jimmy G would be "all over that tape."

"He has won us huge, playoff-like games."

McGlinchey continued to wonder why these things are being said about his quarterback. 

"We have the utmost confidence in Jimmy, I don't know why everybody keeps passing him or not believing in him because he has done it time and time again."

But that's what is asked of every quarterback before a game of this caliber. Everyone in America will be watching, but Jimmy G will have everything he needs to get the job done. 

The matchup against the Chiefs won't be an easy one -- they're also in the Super Bowl, after all. It'll be two drastically different teams going up against one another with the Chiefs owning an enticing offense and hopefully more passing production from the San Francisco quarterback.

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Jimmy G's arm couldn't have been hurting after the NFC Championship Game against the Packers. He threw just six complete passes on eight attempts. 

McGlinchey said it doesn't matter what people are saying, however. He knows he 49ers have everything they need to win it all.

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49ers' Richard Sherman, Texans' J.J. Watt no fans of new NFL CBA terms


49ers' Richard Sherman, Texans' J.J. Watt no fans of new NFL CBA terms

The NFL owners accepted the negotiated terms of a new collective bargaining agreement Thursday, but some star players are pushing back.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt tweeted Thursday night that he was a "hard no" on the new CBA, and 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman strongly agreed. 

The proposed CBA reportedly would give the NFL the option to expand the regular season from 16 games to 17 and expand the playoffs to feature seven teams from each conference. Sherman told reporters in January that the league's push for a longer regular season flies in the face of their commitment to player safety

“The league kind of pretends that they’re interested in it, pretends that they care about it, makes all these rules, fines all these players, but then still proposes players to play an extra game," Sherman said last month (H/T Pro Football Talk). "And not just 17. They’re really just saying 17 so that they can get to 18. And so that’s two more opportunities for players to risk their bodies, put their bodies on the line. And that’s what so ridiculous about it, and nobody calls them out. Nobody calls out the hypocrisy. I’m hoping that one day people will be brave enough to call out the hypocrisy of saying, ‘Hey, we really care about player safety, but hey we also want you to play an extra game, put your body on the line, and risk your career.”

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The next step in the CBA negotiations requires a two-thirds majority of the NFL's 32 player representatives to approve the proposal, hence Sherman compelling his peers to contact their reps. If enough reps approve, the CBA then would only need to be passed by a simple majority of the NFL Players Association. The owners reportedly didn't unanimously approve the CBA, but they reached the required three-fourths threshold. 

Sherman and Watt are two of the NFL's most respected veterans, and their words will carry weight. We could know just how much as soon as Friday when the 32 players could vote on the proposed CBA. 

49ers roster analysis: Signing George Kittle to new contract top focus

49ers roster analysis: Signing George Kittle to new contract top focus

This is the fourth installment of a 10-part series that examines the 49ers’ roster coming out of the 2019 season, looks ahead to 2020, and outlines the offseason challenges facing general manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan on a position-by-position basis.

Thursday, a look at the 49ers’ tight ends.

Under contract (signed through)

-George Kittle (2020)
-Daniel Helm (2020)

For the first time this offseason, the 49ers and Kittle’s representation can negotiate a multi-year contract extension. After being a fifth-round draft pick in 2017, Kittle has greatly outperformed his contract. He is in line to become the highest-paid tight end in the league at far more than $10 million a season.

Expiring contract

-Levine Toilolo (UFA)
-Ross Dwelley (EFA)
-Garrett Celek (UFA)

Celek, 31, announced his retirement on Feb. 7 after eight NFL seasons. Celek experienced back issues the past couple seasons and underwent surgery in June to repair a herniated disk. He played five games last season before going on injured reserve when his back flared up. He finished his career with 82 receptions for 1,104 yards and 12 touchdowns in 91 games.

Dwelley as an exclusive-rights free agent has no outside negotiating rights and certainly will be back with the 49ers for a third season.

What needs to happen

One thing needs to happen this offseason: The 49ers and Kittle must agree on a multi-year contract extension. It should happen. It has to happen.

It does not make any sense for Kittle to take the risk of stepping on the field again without first receiving a large sum of guaranteed money to reward him for the best three-season opening to a career of any tight end in NFL history.

The 49ers have produced great tight ends in their history. But Kittle is the first to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark. And, now, he has done it two seasons in a row. His 1,377 receiving yards in 2018 were the most in a single season by a tight end in NFL history.

How vital is Kittle to the 49ers? His teammates voted him as the winner of the Len Eshmont Award, the team’s most prestigious honor, for his courageous and inspirational play.

Toilolo was the second-most-used tight end on the team late in the season and into the playoffs due to his blocking ability. He could be back on a veteran minimum contract.

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Kittle is the best player on the team. He will continue to be the best player on the team.

Dwelley made a big jump from his rookie season to Year 2. If he can make another big improvement with his blocking, he will position himself to see a bump in playing time. He stepped in and made some big catches while Kittle was out with ankle and knee injuries in the middle of the season. Dwelley had 15 catches for 91 yards and two touchdowns on the season.

Toilolo became the team’s sixth offensive lineman, in effect, as he played 34 snaps combined in the playoff games against Minnesota and Green Bay when the 49ers dominated with their ground game. Toilolo has enough value for the 49ers to re-sign to fill a similar role in 2020.

The 49ers promoted rookie Daniel Helm from the practice squad late in his rookie season. The club originally claimed him off waivers from the Los Angeles Chargers in August. He did not see action in any games, but it was a clear indication the 49ers see something in him that they can develop for the future.