Spikes explains why NFL taunting penalties must be enforced


The NFL's new emphasis on limiting any form of taunting has come under fire, as there already have been 11 personal foul flags thrown on players.

NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers analyst Takeo Spikes explains why current players must be more mindful of their actions when a 15-yard penalty is the consequence.

"In order to keep the game where it needs to be and keep the integrity where it needs to be, the taunting penalties need to be enforced," Spikes said. "It is costing teams games that they should have clearly won.

"Bottom line is this. Don't be quick to throw the flag, but understand, as a player, you cannot intentionally put yourself at risk of disrespecting another player and/or team. Because if you do, the taunting penalty will be called."

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The 49ers have been among the teams penalized for taunting, as Dre Greenlaw received a flag for waving toward the Detroit Lions' defense during his pick-six in Week 1.

The rule likely will remain throughout this season, and players will have to either adapt or face the consequences.

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