TO shouts out JuJu for star-like celebration vs. Cowboys


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider Terrell Owens flattered.

During the Pittsburgh Steelers' win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, standout wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster nearly pulled off a carbon-copy of Owens' famous star celebration.

After Smith-Schuster caught a touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter at AT&T Stadium, it looked like he was trying to run to the Cowboys' logo at the 50-yard line. Based on the video, it appears a couple Dallas players could tell what was about to happen and got in the receiver's way. One even briefly knocked the ball out of Smith-Schuster's hand.

Despite not making it to midfield, Smith-Schuster still struck the same pose as Owens, but he did it closer to Pittsburgh's bench.

Owens loved Smith-Schuster's imitation.

Just over 20 years ago, Owens made headlines when he ran to the Cowboys' logo at the 50-yard line of the old Texas Stadium and posed on the star after scoring a touchdown.

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When Owens tried to do the same pose after his second touchdown of the Sept. 24, 2000 game, Cowboys safety George Teague sprinted towards Owens and hit him as the receiver reached the star.

Clearly, Cowboys players are on high alert for a player potentially celebrating on the midfield logo.

A better way to prevent opposing players from posing on the star would be to stop them from scoring. But considering the Cowboys are 2-7, that's easier said than done.