Terrell Owens does things his way. On Saturday, he celebrated his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction 600 miles away from Canton, Ohio. 

Owens went back to alma mater, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, to celebrate his induction. Over 2,500 fans packed the McKenzie Arena and chanted out "T.O.! T.O.!" as Owens wiped away tears. 

During his speech, the former 49ers star made sure to thank Jerry Rice, calling him "the greatest receiver of all time." 

On Friday, Rice paid his respects to Owens. When asked to choose between Owens and Randy Moss for the second greatest receiver of all time, Rice stayed loyal to his former 49ers teammate. 

"I would probably say Terrell Owens because I knew that if I went into an alley with this guy, this guy had my back," Rice said Friday on "The Greg Papa Show" when asked to choose between Owens and Randy Moss. "And it was an honor to play with him for so many years, and I got to know him. And I know exactly what he brings to the table.

“So, it would definitely be Terrell Owens.”