For two decades, Tom Brady has put on a New England Patriots uniform and come running out of the tunnel at either Gillette Stadium or the old Foxboro Stadium. But that won't be the case in 2020. 

Brady announced Tuesday that he would not be returning to the Patriots and reportedly plans to sign a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When news of TB12 to TB broke, social media went crazy with the thought of seeing Brady wearing ... well, whatever jersey the Bucs plan to wear. 

No creamsicle photoshop? Come on, guys. 

Brady, of course, is just the latest sports legend to don a new jersey at the tail end of his career. Michael Jordan, of course, played for the Washington Wizards. Johnny Unitas played for the San Diego Chargers and so forth. 

The Bay Area has seen a number of its legends wear new uniforms. From Willie Mays playing for the New York Mets to Tim Lincecum the ... Los Angeles Angel? No, that one wasn't a fever dream. Let's run through a few of the times Bay Area legends wore new uniforms and made the region pass out or throw up. 

In May of 1972, with the GIants bleeding money, then owner Horace Stoneham traded The Say Hey Kid to the Mets, who guaranteed Mays a pension and coaching positions post-retirement. 

Yeah, that seems wrong. 

Before Brady was (arguably) the GOAT, Joe Montana held the title after winning four Super Bowl titles with the 49ers. But he finished his career not in the Bay Area, but rather playing at the House of Loud known as Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City for the Chiefs. 

Another GOAT who roamed Candlestick winning titles for the Red and Gold also ended his career in different colors. After 16 seasons with the 49ers, Jerry Rice spent four years with the Raiders and one with the Seahawks. 

Raiders legend Tim Brown finished his career with the Buccaneers after 16 seasons in silver and black. Here he is with Jerry Rice the Raider. 

Back on the diamond, the Giants had three fan favorites go elsewhere and it still doesn't feel right. 

Juan Marichal played one season for both the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers to end his career. 

Speaking of Giants turned Dodgers, Brian Wilson's LA jersey is one you'll spot every year at Coachella. 


While both those are odd, nothing compares to the sight of Lincecum as an LA Angel.

Almost makes your skin crawl, doesn't it?

Let's not forget Ronnie Lott once played for the Jets. 

Ken Stabler will forever be a Raiders legend, but The Snake's twilight was spent in Houston with the Oilers and New Orleans Saints. 

Rick Barry was a Rocket at one point in time, too. 

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I did this exercise to say one thing: I'll absolutely be purchasing a Tom Brady retro Bucs jersey. 

How could you not? It'll be all the rage at Sasquatch 2021.