SANTA CLARA – The frustrations were apparent from 49ers team captains during the course of Sunday’s blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Shrugs and outstretched arms were a common sight from linebacker NaVorro Bowman and tight end Vernon Davis, among others, in the midst of the 49ers’ 47-7 loss to the Cardinals.

“Everybody’s frustrated,” 49ers coach Jim Tomsula said on Wednesday. “It’s where you go with it.”

When the players returned to work on Tuesday, there was palpable frustration. But Tomsula said he liked the attitude of his players after getting back to work to prepare for the Green Bay Packers.

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There are no changes coming, Tomsula said. Clearly, he does not believe there are changes that can be made to upgrade the offensive line. He does not believe there are personnel adjustments that can be made to shore up a pass defense that Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer have picked apart the past two games.

Tomsula said there will be no lineup changes. Everybody just has to be better, he said, after spending time self-scouting where the 49ers have gone wrong in back-to-back losses to Pittsburgh and Arizona that totaled a combined 65-point losing margins.

“Anything glaring coming up? No. No,” Tomsula said. “We are working on fixing. We are working on coaching. We are working on teaching. We are working on doing, and doing those things the way we need to do them.”


Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu said the 49ers’ offense is simplified to the point they could anticipate quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s throws. The Arizona offense had little problems finding holes in the 49ers’ zone defenses. All those things were studied before the 49ers moved onto preparations to face the Packers.

“There are things you wish you’d called different, wish you’d lined up different,” Tomsula said. “There are things where players wish they had run that the right way or gotten to the depth of that. There are guys who wish they’d blocked that the right way or stepped the right way. There are quarterbacks who wish they’d threw it to a different place.

“From coaches to every position on the field. There are guys in zones who wish they were tighter. There are coaches who wish they’d called a tighter zone in a certain area. These are all the things -- they’re all obvious things -- that we’re working on that we have to have corrected. We haven’t done anything in the last two weeks that gets us in the position to win the football game.”